wla missing ami alongs - and pattern links on pinterest

missing ami alongs in wla?

(Pattern for this cutie here )

You may have noticed that we have put the ami-along posts on hiatus.   Due to health challenges, we have had to cut back on these.  As always, any of your wonderful creations are welcome here, anytime.  You don't need an ami-along entry to share something you've made.  And for inspiration, you can always look back at earlier ami-along posts, many of which are chock full of links to amazing patterns - most of them FREE!    Just click on the "ami-along" keyword in the list to see them.

A Wonderful place for Pattern Links....

Some weeks ago, I joined pinterest.com, where you are able to easily post links to remind yourself (and others) of things that you want to find again, and in recent weeks, I have been posting and repinning many many links to both knit and crochet patterns for amigurumi and other cuties.  Please feel free to browse my boards (and the boards of lots other amigurumi lovers) for pattern links, and loads of inspiration.

My boards are at
and my ami board is

There are lots of amigurmists pinning there, so a search for "amigurumi" or "crocheted toys" or "knit toys" will bring you scads of hits!
Our apologies that we've had to cut back, but we still love amigurumi, and love to see everything you make!  Please keep them coming.  And if anyone wants to start an ami-along, just go ahead and post it and perhaps others will join you. :o)

Wishing you all the very best for the holidays!  Make lots of cute amis!   And have fun with your toymaking!  :o)

P.S.  I've been posting lots of links to Christmas patterns onto my pinterest board lately, so if you're looking, this is a good place to start!  :o)
         Also, don't forget ravelry.com as an excellent resource for patterns and help.

Ам Ням - МК

Предлагаю связать чудесного Ам Няма (или Ом Нома), персонажа популярной игры "Cut the rope", и его конфетку.
Вашему вниманию предоставляю подробный МК с фотографиями и словесным описанием всех тонкостей и сложных моментов.
Не забывайте указывать авторство! Надеюсь на понимание.
Прошу прощения за качество фото - с моей шилопопой дочкой по-другому пока никак.
Итак, начнем.
Мы будем вязать  лягушонка Ом Нома и в результате получим удобную игольницу-шкатулку и море позитива.
Но придется повозиться :)
Collapse )

Apple logo key holder

I'm preparing it as a key holder for my friend, she is a HUGE Apple fan, so the gift should be perfect
I'm little bit not happy with a proportions. Should the apple be wider?
What do you think about it?
Does it recognizable?
Thank you in advance,