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Wedding cake toppers
much ado
Well two of the four figures is human so I guess it's suitable for the ami-along. :)

These took quite a long time (from trying to find the right skin and hair tones to embroidering the flowery patterns of her bodice) but I'm really happy how they turned out.
More details on my crochet lj

Homer Simpson Pattern
Hello, dear crocheters:-)

Sorry for bothering you again but the pattern for Homer Simpson which was made by my wife is available on Etsy now: http://www.etsy.com/shop/avpatternshop

The pattern is very detailed, 19 pages, more than 50 photos and links to tutorials about techniques that have been used.

And here some photos again:-)


Update: Ravelry - www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/homer-simpson-crochet-toy

April ami-along theme is APRIL FOOLS and/or WALKS ON TWO LEGS
Welcome again, for yet another monthly

This thime we shall indulge in the joys of
How about a walk on two legs?Collapse )

Well, that's all for this month's ami -along extravaganza! I hope you found something to inspire you this month, too - I can't wait to see what cutie are to be born this month, too.

Been Busy
Dusty Gate Dog
I've been very busy making little guys, taking their pictures and setting them free.

Most were made from free patterns and one set I made up because I wanted to use the yarn and couldn't find anything that made sense.

More details Through the Wormhole .

Fleur, the Fragrant Skunk
Decades of careful breeding have produced a new subspecies of skunk, the Skunkus smellum goodis, more commonly known as the Fragrant Skunk. Easily identified by its unusual fur colors, the Fragrant Skunk has been bred to produce a pleasant, almost perfume-like, odor rather than the potent unwelcome scent its native cousins in the wild produce. Docile in nature, good with children, the Fragrant Skunk makes a wonderful pet and a great room freshner as well!

Larger version of picture insideCollapse )

Fleur, the Fragrant Skunk is my own pattern. There are more pictures of Fleur at my LJ post.

I'm back!
I don't know where to start...
hmm... so here's my new amigurumis :D
it's not much, I'm too busy decorating my cubicles at my new workplace

the pictures are behind the cut, come see :DCollapse )

Couch Potato
Hello Knitty Kitty
I've never posted any knitted items in this community before, as almost every plushie I make is crocheted. So here's my first knitted post — it's a 20" (51 cm) tall potato pillow. I had no idea it was going to turn out so large. I was expecting just a regular ol' amigurumi potato. But this works too. It's so big, I can hug it...or rest my head on it, if needed. ;)

Knitted potato

(no subject)
I'm a huge fan of TES — a series of videogames. I used to play Morrowind 24/7, and now I've been greatly inspired by the last game of that series, the Skyrim. So I decided to try and make a doll of one of my favourite characters from TES universe — Azura (a goddess). It is a total freehander, and I'm actually glad this toy will remain unique.

Lots of pictures inside, and, ehm, crochet doll nudity :-D lol

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NEW patterns

See more photos insides........Collapse )

inspired by the Lala Loopsy dolls.

NEW patterns available now at my Etsy  store , or for instant downloads , check out my Ravelry shop:


Mr Jellyfish
Here's Mr Jellyfish! I really liked the effect of the stripy wool :) He's so jolly!

Pattern found here: http://maidireamigurumi.blogspot.com  (I did 2 sc's in each sc of the tentacle chain though)