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Foofa (Yo Gabba Gabba) and altering the pattern to make it smaller
my sweet rose
teacentral wrote in weloveamigurumi
Can anybody help me find a crochet pattern for FOOFA from YO GABBA GABBA? I know there is one on Drunken Aunt Wendy's blog, but it's 31 inches tall, I need something smaller! I have seen links to other patterns, but none of them work... I'm fairly new to crocheting, maybe somebody can teach me to alter a pattern to make the doll smaller while still keeping it proportional?

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Thinner yarn and a smaller hook will make a smaller Foofa. I haven't seen many patterns to suggest though.

I'm sorry, I haven't had any luck finding what you need either. :o(

Usually the simplest way of changing size is to change yarn weight and hook size, but that's a very large Foofa, using a LOT of stitches! You'd have to use pretty lightweight yarn and a very small hook. Possibly you could decrease by a percentage. Like, 50% of the stitches around and 50% of the rounds.

Another possibility would be using a pattern for a similar body with a round head, then make it (using pink of course) tapering the head into a point instead of making it round. I'm sure you could find a pattern for a similar flower.

Good luck! :o)

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