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Lots and Lots of Easter Pattern Links!!
theknittycat wrote in weloveamigurumi

Easter Amigurumi!
I've just pinned the links to a bunch more Easter patterns on my Cute Toys board at
This most recent batch are all FREE patterns!!   Lots of cuties to choose from in crochet and in knit. :o)
Lots of Bunnies, Chicks, Eggs, Baskets, and MORE!!

Lots of Bunnies:

And Chicks:

And lots of other Easter Cuties:

While browsing the board, you can scroll down further, past the ones I just posted there yesterday, to find lots more (plus lots of non-Easter oriented goodies), but not all are free like this last batch.
Hope you have fun with these wonderful patterns!  :o)  So much CUTENESS!!!!  Yay!
Happy Easter-Crafting!

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Aren't they?! :o) There are so many fabulous patterns, so much cuteness!!! And free, too!! :o) Hope you find something you'd like to make for Easter! Or for any occasion! :oD

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