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Yarn Colour and Felt Question

Hey guys!

So I've been toying with the idea of crocheting some dolls based on some anime characters, and I wanted to ask a couple questions:

1. I mostly use Red Heart Super Saver. Would anyone happen to know what would be a good colour for skin tone? Should I go with a very light pink? Or something that's more on the tanned side (like buff)? Or is there another colour out there that's perfect for skin tone?

2. For these dolls, I was thinking on using felt for the eyes, mouths, and possibly some symbols that'll be on them as well - it's just easier than to actually try to crochet them, I think, and I suck at embroidery ;) Do you have any advice about using felt for amigurumi crocheted things? Is there a certain type of felt to get, and which ones to avoid? Is it Ok to hot glue gun the felt pieces onto the doll? Or should I sew it on?

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