Trystan (trystan830) wrote in weloveamigurumi,

Elisabeth amis

so, back in september 2013, a good friend of mine showed me the german musical, *Elisabeth*. then i told a friend over on Ravelry about it, and it turns out we both love one of the characters (der Tod/"Death"), as well as the man who plays him, Maté Kamaras.

so for for the HollyDays 2013, i made my friend (who got me into it) an Elisabeth doll; and for my other friend, i made a der Tod doll... and she was totally surprised - since i didn't tell her it he was coming! ~


der Tod/Death~

both Elisabeth and Death~

you can see more pictures on my Elisabeth project page and der Tod project page over at Ravelry. there's also source pictures as well.

Tags: amigurumi, dolls
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