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multikhaikhai wrote in weloveamigurumi

Just finished this guy today! He's 100% freehand (no pattern) and only took about a days work. I painted some subtle blending of colors and accents. His antlers are wired and poseable!

He's off to his new home tomorrow!

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I just saw this on reddit! It is still impressive!

Very, very nice. Heart stopping a bit.

Oh my stars and garters! He's amazing! And you did him without a pattern?! You're amazing! I can't begin to express how impressed I am.

ahh yeah no pattern! keeps em unique ;)

Beautiful, but tell me, how did you do the eyelids?

I sewed yarn over top of the eyes and then used a needle felting needle to shape them

I was really impressed when I saw it. ^^

Oh wow! That is one amazing and beautiful amigurumi! I love how you did his eyes and facial features, gives him attitude! Superb work!

I would love to have one or two of these! So cute for Christmas!

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