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A disturbing discovery in Area 51!
Mad science!
raisedbymoogles wrote in weloveamigurumi

A dubious-looking egg-shaped Unidentified Not-Flying Object in one of the deep dark basements of the soul a nameless government facility...

Gasp! Something alive is emerging from the alien membrane!

It's horrifying! It's eerie! It's! It's!

...awww. It's kinda cute, actually.

Until it eats your face and nests in your guts, anyway.

Hehehehehehe. that made me smile. Thanks, I needed it today.

Yay, I made someone smile! ^_^


Yes, you are deranged. Deranged in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY!

Woohoo! *deranged victory dance* :DDDD


Hey, as long as they take my yarn stash with them, I don't mind. ^_^

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, you almost don't mind. XD

Almost... too cute for the room. *builds bigger room*

*grins* You're always a problem solver.

I love the umbilical cord idea! =D

Thanks! It was supposed to be a square-shaped lanyard sort of thing like we used to do with plastic lace (I can't be the only one who remembers that), but I couldn't remember how to do it. XD So it's just a braid.

Not only do I love your picture story, but I also love your nickname. I wish I was raised by moogles.

Moogles make excellent parents, kupo. :D

That is too incredibly awesome! And I love your Girl Genius icon, too.

Thank you! (Here it is again!)

pfffffffft AHAHAHAHA. And the bar on evilcute has been raised again! ^_____^

If there are any cats in that household, that umbilical cord is going to be a lifesaver for keeping both halves of it in the same hemisphere let alone the same room. XDDD

*poses! FF victory music!* :D

No cats in the immediate vicinity, (un)fortunately.