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More FF7 sackboys
FFVII: Your mama...
chibirisuchan wrote in weloveamigurumi
Remember Sackiroth?

I've been making lots more of 'em since then. (It helps that, for example, now I actually know how to do a crochet stitch correctly. *headdesk!*) I haven't had time to turn the various photos I've taken into more "Adventures of Sackiroth" entries, but I've got a ton of photos with them with cosplayers from several cons (including an incredibly adorable picture of a chocobo cosplayer snuggling SackZack, and a Sackboy cosplayer with all of 'em) and I have to dig up the time to code that up one of these days. Probably not until my annual summer work-swampage is done with, though. But since this month's theme is characters, I figure I should at least post a couple of the group shots here...


Cloud meets his match (literally):

The chocobo cosplayer with Zack:

(RL)Sephiroth Does Hamlet with Jenova's Head:

Zack and Sephiroth Find Interesting Stuff at the Artists' Alley:

...And the Dealers' Room:

Zack wants the big one behind him!

Which of these things is not like the others?

I have Aeris parts too, but I haven't got her head or limbs attached to each other yet, and even for the person who crocheted Jenova's fluffguts-dripping skull that's a little too morbid to post just yet. So she'll be along one of these days... :3

Oh yeah -- one more piece of random evil?

Would anyone be willing to make a short (20-seconds or less) sound clip of Sephiroth's Advent Children lines about "On your knees; I want to hear you beg forgiveness" or "I've thought of something to give you, Cloud. Shall I give you despair?" ...and then run it through the filter that turns it all chipmunk-pitched?

This is on account of how Sackiroth has a voice chip in him, and I would looooooooove to get that on there. (Particularly in chibivoice.) But I lack the requisite editing skills. :3

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Oh my god. I squealed. I love these! They are very awesome!!! I love FFVII! Many many Kudos!

(Deleted comment)
XDDDD don't be in awe of MY skills, because I have none! Every single stitch of Sackiroth is done wrong because I didn't even know how to do a basic single crochet correctly when I started making him! And I'm pretty sure from the recent "what's the right side" conversations that I've been crocheting them all both backwards and inside out the whole time. *headdesk*

I started with CausticMuse's head pattern and made up the bodies, and no two of 'em have turned out the same way twice. I just keep increasing or decreasing to make the same fabric-shape I'd make if I was sewing their clothes, stuff 'em, and sew 'em together...

Nice to know that I'm not the only one who started making some amigurumi and later found out I was doing the stitch wrong. lol

Me too! I was doing slip stiches instead of single crochets.

XD I don't know what stitch I was doing except I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist. I was only grabbing one of the loops instead of two, so I was kind of half knitting and half crocheting. Sackiroth is all squishy and stretchy. :3 (The better to survive a Cloud-maiming with, I suppose?)

You were probably just crocheting in the front or back loops then. Some patterns call for that tbh. But still, squishy and stretchy is good for a plushy :D

Yeah, that sounds like what I was doing. ^___^ And he's going to a friend who has an amazing tendency to sprain wrists and ankles due to an inherited family trait; she says it's incredibly ironic that she's the one who gets the ubersquishy edition of Sackiroth Mark 1 (whose hair is too heavy for his neck so he needs to wear internal braces...) :3

Awww well that's sweet.

Jenova is awesome. The others are super cuddly (even if Vincent with a sackboy smile is subtly wrong) but Jenova just makes my day. ^_^

thanks! ^____^ I was particularly proud of her dead purple tongue and the stuff dripping off the bottom of her head.

(I thought about making Vincent a closed-mouth emo-style sackboy, but then I thought, 'I've already crocheted both of the FF7 world's cases of ultimate evil into a happy smiley plushie. No shying away from the wrong now!' and went for the happy-grin version. XDDD)

(...Can't argue with that. XD)

Gosh, those are great.

And Jenova makes me think of Lumiere O_o And I don't know why....

^____^ thank you! (It's amazing what you'll do to keep from dying of boredom when you've got 15 hours of driving and about 30 hours of sitting in front of a room badge checking in a place with no wireless network connectivity to get through. I got 3 sackboys done during one con weekend and would've finished the 4th if I hadn't been about 2 feet short on the blue yarn I'd brought. I suspect sackboys may become my con-staffing boredom-survival kit!)

And now Gina wants to make TB-themed ones. xDDD


Also, have you ever heard Birthday by the Cruxshadows? I think Syd would appreciate it. xD

^______^ I was thinking about that too, since making Abel wouldn't be TOO far from making Sackiroth -- it was just all the extra detailing on the clothes that made me think twice. But if Gina goes for it, you have to post pictures! ^____^

(Yes, I have no shame when it comes to inflicting bunnies on other people, whether they're plotbunnies or craftbunnies.)

I haven't heard of the song or the group (I know amazingly little about music on this side of the ocean) -- I'll have to go look it up. (I'd also thought about crocheting a Sydney, but then I thought about the problems inherent in trying to crochet those claws and embroider the tattoo and thought a second time. But the wrongness is so far off the scale that I'm sure I'm going to succumb to the lure eventually... ^__~)

Would you like a CD of various songness?

omg, I want to hug Jenova's head, they are so cute ♥

Wow! Wonderful work! And Wonderful Photos!! :o)

^___^ Thank you very much! My camera's ooooooold, so I always take extras in case some of 'em turn out out of focus -- in this case it's a good thing I did, because my camera has trouble focusing on a mostly-black plushie. But I got enough that were reasonably in focus to make it work. :)

If you can get me the sound clips that you want, I would be happy to filter them for you. :3

This reminds me that I need to get back to work on my Vexen Sackboy...

Oh man! I wish I could even get that far, but I don't have clue 1 about how to strip the sound file out of a DVD or capture it within a computer... all I know how to do is press record on my little mini tape recorder. ^^;;; I've been pfutzing around with various theoretically-audio-editing things for quite a while and have completely failed to extract anything correctly. I wasn't kidding when I said I lacked the requisite editing skills.

Well, I use a program called Audio Hijack on my Mac. I just don't know where my AC DVD is, and even if I did it's in another state, 1200 miles away. :(

I can get the sounds if you point me to, like, YouTube clips of them or something...

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