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First post...
wildstitches wrote in weloveamigurumi
Hi! I 'discovered' amigurumi late last year (think late November) and just had to learn crochet so I could make some! It's fun! Last week, I even started making them without following someone else's pattern (which, considering I had never picked up a hook before, I think is pretty darn good!). ^_^

I started this one just trying to figure out how to do bends in amigurumi. About 20 hours later, I'm putting the finishing touches on an Asian dragon and trying to keep my eyes from crossing.

Head -> desk

I took a couple of pictures (please forgive the crappy camera; the colors are not really that dark).

EDIT: Added a couple more pics...

From the front:
Ami Dragon - front

And the back:
Ami Dragon - back

The tail end:
Ami Dragon - tail

And the head:
Ami Dragon - head

Just to give you some idea how big he is, the red crest running down his back? Is 31" long (roughly 78cm). X_x;;

My bends still need work, but I sure got lots of practice! I think he turned out pretty good, even if I'm still not sure if he's inside-out or not... =_=;;

Wow that's amazing! It's very, very cool! You did a really awesome job on the face, too!

Thank you!

Argh, the face! I'm surprised it turned out so good; right up until I put on the horns and brows, it looked like a duck! >_<;;

Oh goodness that is amazing!

inside-out is all up to you - if you like the side that is out, then its the right, correct. ;)

Thank you! I just love him, even if he did make me cross-eyed more than once! ^_^

Well, the inside-out-or-not thing is good to know, thanks! I thought this way looked more like scales, and then, waaaaaay down by the tail (the body's all one piece and I had to stuff it as I went), I see that the inside had a smoother look and I was all 'Ooooooooh, no! It's inside-out!' But there was no way I was going to unravel all those hours! =_=;

Thank you! I just love him! :D

Amazing indeed. He's like an art piece.

Thank you! What a nice thing to say! ^_^

That's amazing! I'm sitting here trying to comment while hiding the screen from my fiance so that he doesn't ask me to make him one. There's no way I could do something that awesome! Good job!

Thank you! Actually, he's all made with single crochet and slip-stitch. I don't think he was that hard to make, it just took a looooooooooooong time. ~_^

wow! that's amaizing, you did a very good job

Thank you! I'm surprised he turned out as good as he did; I had never made anything like this before, or anything with bends... ^_^

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Uh... that's what I have been doing... ?_?

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Wow, that is seriously fantastic work! I really like the curvy design and all the neat details like the crest. =)

Thank you! ^_^ He really is curvy, it's not quite as obvious in these pics. Maybe I should add a couple more, from other perspectives? Hmmm...

That is seriously fabulous & is indeed Art !!

Thank you, and what a nice thing to say! ^_^

That is sooooo sooooo cool. You did an amazing job. :)

Thank you! I love how he turned out! ^_^

That's utterly brilliant! I love it. :) Bravo!

WOW!!!! Seeing the fantastic job you did on your dragon took my breath way @>--;--

^_^ Thank you for the lovely comment! <3


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