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Been about a year...
ieatedyourcooki wrote in weloveamigurumi
since I think I last posted here. I told myself not to buy more yarn until I bought those lovely safety eyes. So now I'm back in.

A "Miuku" cat which turned out well.

A bunny of my own design. I didn't have anything in my car so I kind of fudged up a pattern as I went. Turned out cute~

And she has a tail!

What do you think?

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They're both so cute! I like the kitty especially.

Oh cool, thanks for the link. I've been meaning to do her fox pattern for a while, too.

They are both adorable :) Great work on the bunny!

d'awwwwww. these are so cute. most of my little amis don't have mouths, either. i just think they're cuter that way.

how did you do the tail for the bunny? did you make a separate one and then stitch it on? usually when i'm making tails for tiny amis like that i just do a bobble stitch instead. it's easier and it saves time. just a tip to consider and store away in your crochet database. ;)

That bun-bun is the cutest I've ever seen! If you manage to remember and write down the pattern, I would totally use it!

awee their too cute ! i adore the kitty one .

(Deleted comment)
They are both super cute! The dress on the bunny is awesome. Whenever I try to make clothes, they end up looking dumpy. :(

beware, bunny porn will bring out the furries...

but still cute ami's.

Oh, they are so sweet and adorable! I LOVE them! That is one of the most precious kitties!! And I love how you've structured the legs/body connection! :o)

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