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rockettefug wrote in weloveamigurumi
meet Columbia, Washington's little girlfriend. she enjoys margaritas and banana slices after a long day of apologizing for Washington's antics.
columbia and washington are so small i can fit them in the pocket on the front of my shirt. cuuuuuuutttteeeeeee.


and since a few people asked for the pattern for these monkeys, i wrote it down. if there's any problems feel free to ask, i've never put up a pattern before.

!Mia's Monkeys of Mischief Pattern!

-ch 2
-5sc in second chain from hook
-2sc in each sc around (10)
-2sc, 1 sc in next sc. repeat all around (15)
-2sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc (20)
-2sc, 1 sc in next 3 sc (25)
- in rnds 6-8 sc all the way around (25)
- sc2tog, 3sc (20)
-sc2tog, 2sc (15)
-fasten off
- do not stuff head yet, it's much easier to sew on the face this way

-ch 2
-5 sc in second chain from hook
-2 sc in each sc around (10)
-2sc, 1sc in next sc (15)
-2sc, sc in next 2 sc (20)
-rnds 5-7 sc around (20) NOTE: sometimes this part can come out a little too fat for some reason, so if it looks too big for what you want, just do two rows instead of three
-sc2tog, 2sc (15)
-rnds 9-11 sc around (15)
-fasten off

- 5sc in second chain from hook
- 2sc in each sc around (10)
-fasten off NOTE: turn one of the ears sort of inside out so that when you attach them the the head they match completely. i put the part where i fasten off on the bottom, but that's just me.

-5sc in second chain from hook
-rnds 2-4 sc around (5)

-4sc in second chain from hook
-sc around, repeat until desired length, i make mine extra long. for extra cuteness?

- cut out a desired shape from felt for the face and attach eyes. i used these little half circle type eyes from micheals and krazy glued them on lol. TIP: i drew my shape on a piece of paper first and made sure it was the right size for the head, and then cut around it.
-stitch a little face on with thread. i find the thinner you make the lines the cuter it comes out. be creative with the expressions if it isn't too hard!
-stitch the face onto the head

-cut out little circles to stitch onto the ears, make sure they are the same size or it will drive you nuts.

FINAL STEP: take a picture and show me, i want to see all the little monkeys people come up with please!

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Very very cute wee monkey!! and I LOOOVE that color! :o)

How sweet of you to write up the pattern and share it! You should make up a pdf of it and put it up on! They have all the stuff there for you to post a pattern and share it with the WORLD! :o)

oh yeah i have a ravelry! i guess i should post it there... completely forgot

gah i have no idea what to do

Check out the "adding a pattern" info in the faq's there. If you're still having trouble you can message me there (I'm theknittycat there too), and I'll try to help. :o) Or you can check out the help forums. Everyone is super helpful!

Do you know how to make a pdf?

the pdf thing is the issue i have a macbook pro if that helps

A couple of suggestions:
1. check out your word processor and see if it lets you make a pdf file from your document.
2. Open Office is a free set of programs that has a word processor that will create pdf's
3. if you want to send me your email address in a private message, I will make a pdf of your post and email it to you. :o)

I got your message and the pdf is on it's way to you. :o)

Thank you for sharing the pattern, your monkeys are just adorable!!

They are both super cute! I will have to bookmark this pattern to make soon! Thanks for sharing it!!! ^__^

She is just adorable!

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