Selling TONS of Amigurumi!
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(I'm hoping that advertising my own shop is Ok here on the community! If not, please feel free to remove this. Thanks!)

These last few weeks have been pretty stressful for me - some good, some bad.

The Good: I sold so much amigurumi at a local anime convention, that I literally could NOT keep up with the demand! =D It kept me busy, and I'm happy that so many people wanted to buy more from me. I had a good time there, and lots of nice people chatted with me and commented on my stuff (my bunnypuses were the star of my table!) The only downside was that I wasn't expecting to sell so much, so I had to scramble to hurry and make MORE after the anime convention, because I had a Christmas craft show coming up, and I needed enough to fill my table there.

The Bad: The Christmas craft show was a flop :( I only sold one piece and that was it. It wasn't even enough to make back the cost of my table for the day. And now I've got TONS of amigurumi that I've worked and slaved over in hopes that they would sell.

I've since posted everything on my Etsy store, in hopes that I can make some Christmas cash this season. If anyone is interested in checking out what I have to offer, I'll have the link to my store below.

I currently have:

Ponies: of all shapes and sizes; earth ponies, unicorns, pegasus, in all colours too!
Octopuses: Pretty self-explanitory...I like giving my octopi a little tuft of hair on their head, I find it makes them look cuter :)
Bunnypuses: Like the octopus, but it has 6 legs instead of 8 - the spare 2 "legs" are bunny ears :) It makes them look super-cute!
Lucky Stars: My own design, these are cute little stars in all colours and sizes
Coloured Pencils: These were a favourite for kids who came to my table, they look like coloured pencils :)
Donuts: These ones had the most compliments, but were the least sellers. They're great for kids playing, or using as a pin cushion.
Mr. & Mrs. Snowman: Not amigurumi per se, but this was something my mom used make when I was a kid, and I gave it a try now too.
Dragon: I only have one dragon on there at the moment, still looking for a home :)

I also have two coupons available, however (if I understand it right), you can only enter one coupon code per order:

RUNRUNREINDEER - 20% off your total purchase price
SANTADELIVERY - free shipping! (I believe that includes shipping anywhere in the world)

Anyways, if you're interested in checking out my stuff, please visit my shop :) If you're not able to buy anything, please pass the link to someone who might be interested. I'd love to see my stuff get a new home and be enjoyed by other people, rather than gathering dust here at my place ;) Thanks!

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multikhaikhai wrote in weloveamigurumi

Just finished this guy today! He's 100% freehand (no pattern) and only took about a days work. I painted some subtle blending of colors and accents. His antlers are wired and poseable!

He's off to his new home tomorrow!


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