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Portuguese translation?
Hi! I came across Portuguese amigurumi and I'm kind of lost. When I says the number of stitch per row I manage to work it, but I came to this line and I don't know what I'm supposed to crochet:

"pb no proximo pt + aum 2pbj + pb nos proximos pt"
I understang pb is sc, but can't get the rest of it.

Have any clue?


Japanese Book
Has anyone seen the book Ami Ami Dogs 2? There is a fantastic shih-tzu pattern in there that I would love to make. I'm looking for someone to translate the pattern. Please let me know if you know of anyone who can do this! I'd pay for it.

Japanese crochet chart... Help!
Hi! Since I can't find the word at (the amazing!) guide , I was hoping you amigurumi lovers could help me.

What is the meaning of this word? It's a part of a dog pattern.
I know it's not an ear, tail, body, head or mouth. So I figured it would be the legs, but it is not mentions to crochet 4 of it, and the guide gives another symbol for legs..

Thank you!

Japanese Amigarumi Translations
Pink Feathers
Hi everyone!

Does anyone have any tips / advice / websites / experience that would help in the translation of Japanese Amigarumi (try saying that word 10 times fast) patterns to an English only speaking crocheter? I have access to quite a few books but haven't even given them a second look because they're in Japanese.


selling translations?
One of the first things to inspire me into crocheting amigurumi was a set of amigurumi Hello Kitties (yes, I am talking about HK again) however, I soon found out that the book of patterns that I was after had been discontinued. However, I'm now okay with this because I have a different book on Hello Kitty amigurumi and can easily adapt the patterns in there to make the ones I liked from the old book. The only thing is is that there was one pattern from the old book (hello Kitty with a duck/bunny hood) that I couldn't figure out for the life of me. I looked on the internet, and found that someone was selling translations of the patterns from the discontinued Hello Kitty book. I stopped myself from buying them (mainly due to a lack of funds at the time), but there has been one question going through my head since then:

Is it really okay to sell translations of patterns? To me, it just seems wrong even if the original book is discontinued, however, I've noticed that several people do do this and sell a fair amount (even if the other book is still on the market).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Edit: This is a link to the Etsy account of the person selling translated Hello Kitty patterns, I'm not sure if their other patterns are also translations or their own,

More Japanese pattern help
heart tree
Can someone help me with some translation please? It's parts from the Cinnamoroll pattern that was posted here a while ago...
 What does this mean?
Does it say what colour to use?

And for this one...
what do I have to do? And what's the translation of the part name?

French amigurumi - help
Hey there I am kind of new here, well as in posting anyways but I read here all the time though.

I have been looking alot at amigurumi's in different languages. Alot of translating involved but it’s interesting to say the least. I came across this ami on a French site and I absolutely love the swirl stitch pattern on its face. I honestly never seen it before maybe because I have only been into amis here for the past year or so. I was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction in learning how to do this thanks

Cinnamonroll pattern

Does anybodie knows if this (second part) pattern has been translated? if no, can someone help me? even thought i already saw the guide of how to read them i can't understand it. :S

Translation for Pattern?
Does anyone have a translation in English for this pattern here? http://www.rakuten.co.jp/gosyo/461397/713923/877064/894953/


Can anyone translate this pattern? It's perfect and wonderful and I would really like to use it.



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