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Mr Jellyfish
Here's Mr Jellyfish! I really liked the effect of the stripy wool :) He's so jolly!

Pattern found here: http://maidireamigurumi.blogspot.com  (I did 2 sc's in each sc of the tentacle chain though)

Dolphin Amigurumi Pattern
For once, I typed up a pattern! A lot of people seem to like my dolphin amigurumi, so I thought I might as well just give out the pattern for free. For anyone who's interested, come visit! I've posted the pattern on my site. So..enjoy? :D


May ami-along themes are: SCI FI / FUTURISTIC and/or UNDER THE SEA

May 2011 ami-along

A new month -
a new ami-along theme!  :o)

Such cool themes this month!!  I'm excited!!  :o)

Remember - ami-alongs are for fun and inspiration.  You can post items with any themes, at any time (g-rated, of course)!  :o) 
And please feel free to post your creations inspired by past ami-alongs (or future ones)!

The complete ami-along calendar for 2011 can be found here,
if you want to think ahead.  (along with LOTS of good beginning amigurumi information and info about our group)  ;o)

The themes for the May ami-along are:

Oh my!  There are soooooo many ideas and patterns in these themes!  It was really difficult for me to rein myself in and just give you a reasonable number of them. ;o)

I did limit my search to free patterns only. 
There are LOTS more available in paid patterns as well as free ones.

SciFi/Futuristic patterns:

Sci Fi / Future Patterns - click hereCollapse )

Under the Sea patterns:

Under the Sea Patterns - click hereCollapse )

We hope you have lots of fun with these ideas and inspirations!!  :o)

Hugs from theknittycat and Anthor

Baby Whale Amigurumi
Here's something I recently made from a really small crochet hook and really thin yarn:

Please visit my blog for more pictures!

I was excited to crochet with this really small crochet hook and yarn I bought from Taiwan last year but never had the chance to until now.  I never saw anything like it in the US, and was wondering if anyone knew exactly what size this hook is.  Here's a picture of the small needle next to a regular size F crochet hook:

The only indication of size on the needle is "6".  The brand of the needle is "FENQ C".  I didn't even know such small crochet hooks existed!  Crocheting with it was straining on the eyes for sure, but slightly easier on the hands.  What I like best about the small scale crochet hook is it allows you to have more control over shape and detail.  Any input about the size would be greatly appreciated!

My free amigurumi Seahorse Pattern
Hey everyone, I've posted another free Amigurumi Pattern, this time it is for a seahorse. You can find it by clicking HERE. This is a picture of what My Seahorse looks like. I wasn't going for the luchador look, it just kind of happened lol. Not exactly what I wanted, but I haven't seen too many free seahorse patterns so I figured you all might appreciate this one.

My free amigurumi Octopus Pattern
Hey everyone, I've created another free amigurumi Pattern that I want to share with you guys. This time it is for an Octopus and you can find it at my blog again by clicking HERE
This is how my little guy looks:

Please excuse his squinty eye, he's not perfect :(

Amigurumi Dolphin
Shannon rocker
For some reason I keep making sea creatures. I'm not that big into sea creatures (except octopi, I love octopi)
Created a dolphin pattern, wanted something more cute instead of the realisticy patterns out there.
Dolphin Amigurumi

More picsCollapse )
Pattern up at http://www.etsy.com/shop/AwkwardSoul

Lost At Sea
For "Lost At Sea" show at Gallery Hanahou, next month

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Knitters can do Amigurumi too....

Originally uploaded by knittergoddss
So the cats in my family are very happy this week because they're getting to reap the benefits of my knitting. This is because I found my copy of AMIGURUMI KNITS and decided that crocheters should not have all the fun.

First, here's a picture of my Sea Star, which turned out to be about 8" in diameter and was knit in excess cotton I had lying around. For more details and other pictures, check out my Ravelry page about it at http://ravel.me/knittergoddss/ss.

Then, I remembered the Silken Braid Catnip Mice I had made around Christmas time (not my patteren, borrowed from someone else on Ravelry). I had all this extra Kuyeron lying around in great colors so now I'm making mice. For more information on those, go to http://ravel.me/knittergoddss/sbm2 but here's a picture for now:

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Gifts (FOs)
I just shipped some to friends and families, so thought I would show off pictures. One was a (late) Christmas gift for my friend, uncreativity. She draws a webcomic called the Idiodyssey, a parody of fantasy quest stories. She asked for a stuffed version of one of the minor characters, the Dolphinacorn (a creature that is a hybrid of a dolphin, a unicorn and a rainbow), who keeps popping up and trying to help the protagonist (who wants it to GO AWAY, as it offends his male dignity or something).

Here I used a commercial pattern I got on Etsy for the Dolphin base and freehanded the horn.

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Both are up on Ravelry.

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