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Second Valentine Pony, and An Octopus
default, reedus
I finished this second Valentine's Day Pony the other day, and thought I'd upload it here :) Many thanks to legendancer for the link for those cute little hearts! I made the smaller heart pattern and sewed them onto the bottoms of the pony's hooves.

I also made a little octopus, to take a break from the ponies. The pattern is free over at LionBrand.com. I added a little fluff of hair on the top cuz I thought it would look cute :)

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More of my amigurumi attempts!
I've done some more amigurumi since my first attempt a few days ago! This includes an octopus, bird, snake & (rubbish) alien =D

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One of my favourite Disney villains =)

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My first few amigurumi I made. Having a laptop back makes it alot easier to show =)

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My first amigurumi :)
chair iss
Hi there! I've been crocheting and knitting for years, and I don't know why I never gave amigurumi as shot before, but last night I started and completed my first project, this octopus!
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My free amigurumi Octopus Pattern
Hey everyone, I've created another free amigurumi Pattern that I want to share with you guys. This time it is for an Octopus and you can find it at my blog again by clicking HERE
This is how my little guy looks:

Please excuse his squinty eye, he's not perfect :(

baby octopus recipe for freeeeee :D
Hi, everyone!

is there any sushi lover?

Cause I'm sharing this baby octopus recipe for freeeee :D

of course an amigurumi recipe.

Glow in the Dark Octopus
rain drinks tea
Been a while since I posted. Been making shawls, hats, etc. for charity. Over the weekend though, I did a quickie ami.

Here is my glow in the dark octopus! OctopusCollapse )

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P.S. Anyone on Craftster or Ravelry!?

What I've been doing lately
Cutethulhu! (To learn more about him go here and here.) From the Lion Brand pattern (you have to sign up to view it, but it's free and they haven't sent me any spam yet, so it's not too bad).

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Heart Man! My own pattern, based on little heart man doodles my dad used to draw on my birthday cards when I was little.

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Little Ducky, pattern from KristieMN.

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Big Octopus, made for a friend's friend's daughter. Based on the same pattern as Cutethulhu.

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Owl, made for a friend. From the Lion Brand pattern - it's the graduation owl without the mortarboard.

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Turtle, made for a friend. From the Lion Brand pattern.

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Hippo, made for fun because it was a different style of pattern to try. Pattern from KristiesKids, you'll have to scroll down a little to find it.

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Heart teddy, made for my Tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian) who is currently going through cancer treatments. Pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. The heart is separate, from cindylouh's pattern.

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Little Girl, for a friend's daughter. Based on this Lion Brand Yarn pattern, only without facial details or wings.

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