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Oh hello o/
I haven't posted here yet and thought I should get around to it. I'm a full-time Illustration student but I'll do anything that keeps my hands busy, which is a little difficult given my rebellious joints, but I work through it. I learned about knitting something like six years ago through a fan submission on a webcomic I used to read, apparently had to buy a TON of yarn, then promptly forgot about it. For Christmas I got Creepy Cute Crochet and Amigurumi World, let them sit around, and finally figured I should use them, so about a month ago I taught myself how to crochet and have been hooked (pardon the pun) since!

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Your long-absent moderator (one of them, anyway) returns!
mice knitting
I have been of getting myself edumacated, and now that I am done (YAY!) I hope to be present more here again.  Our other wonderful mods (snuffykin, theknittycat, and kidmissile) have been holding down the fort, but I hope to start pulling my weight again.  It has been AGES since I posted anything that I made.  I know that because I really haven't made anything lately, but also, I never even posted this guy:
Musashi from jefbot.com

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Jeez Louise! It only took me about 5 tries to get my LJ cut to work.  I guess I have been gone a while!!!  :P

TMNT mikey
So uhm, im here to DE-lurk... heh heh ^^'' im HUGE into Ami. and have TONS and TONS of things... so im going to start posting them here... starting with my wee litle mikey.. just so you all know.. im OBSESSD with TMNT.. just a warning xD

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spin spin naboo
What does an otter, a lolita doll, Gir, Kyle Broflovski, cupcakes, a ninja, a bunny, a turtle, and Harry Potter cupcakes all have in common?

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Hello :)

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lonely purple ninja

My newest amigurumi, Shinubi, the lonely Shinobi (Ninja).
He is a prototype for my next projects, no wonder he is lonely, just like Adam before there were Eve :D
I made him in sitting pose, with semi- poseable hands. I planned on to put him on my new desk at the studio :D (YaY! I got a new desk!)
I don't have wire so I made the poseable hands based on Teddy bear doll tutorial (felt doll book), but it doesn't work like how I wanted :(
I don't have small beads for the eyes so I'm using big sequins, but I think it turn out cute as if He use black glasses :D

there's more stories about him on my blog, and more pictures of him on my flickr

see ya!

Tiny Tot Ninja Turtles Shells

Here are the Shells to my little tot ninja turtles, they are crocheted with Camouflage yarn, so they look like real little turtle shells.
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This is my first post on here so I figured I would put up a few pictures of my recent amigurumi. I am always looking at pictures of everyones work on here and I love all of the stuff you guys make.

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There are 50 ninjas in this picture...
But you can only see one:


Scott, my husband, was tossing and flopping in his sleep last night. I think some of it is stress from work (BIG deadlines are coming up), so I made him a little ninja while he was sleeping to kick the stress' booty! He took it with him to work today, so I couldn't get a really decent picture of it in good light (digital camera is still wonky, so I've been forced to use my camera phone and go outside to photograph anything), but that's Ok with me, I just wanted him to have a little anti-stress ninja for this really crazy time at work.

No pattern, just improvised it as I went along. :)

Lil' Ninja
mog wings
This is my first amigumuri of sorts...This is not my own creation, I got the pattern from the book "Creepy Cute Crochet" by Christen Haden. His eyes are made of clay and his face is felt. I really like the way it turned out. I am working on a panda right now which isn't from the book but has the same basic body pattern.

Enjoy XD


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