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First post...!
Taka, peek
*peeks around corner*
So, I started learning how to crochet this year since my college had a club. I've really enjoyed it so far. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but practice makes better! ^^ It's one of those things where I can really feel like I'm making progress the more I work on it.

So...I've made some simple stuff from patterns.
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Thanks for looking, and thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)

Oh, and here's a random stuffed monster I made at the beginning of the school year. His name is Koji. :>
Photo Mar 19, 3 09 40 PM

More of my amigurumi attempts!
I've done some more amigurumi since my first attempt a few days ago! This includes an octopus, bird, snake & (rubbish) alien =D

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(no subject)
Hi everyone! I'm new to this community, as well as amigurumi and crocheting in general (I only learnt today!). After a basic square turning into a disaster, I decided to just follow along with an amigurumi bunny tutorial on youtube. And here it is!

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Amigurumi book
Hey I'm still pretty new to crochet and amigurumi, but I recently purchased Amigurumi: Super Happy Cute Crochet by Elisabeth A. Doherty and I'm excited! The only problem I'm going to have is finds a place to buy eyes.

Anyone no of a good site to buy them from? Or alternatives for eyes that are not doll eyes?

Thanks for all of the recommendations! They really have helped me out :)

Captain Rose, the Pirate Octopus
Last Unicorn
Hello, all! First time posting something here. Last week, I made an amigurumi octopus for a baby shower I was at yesterday, and I wanted to share it.

More pictures of this and a blanket I made can be found at my journal, along with the project info and my notes. Hope to see you there!

My very first amigurumi, badly sewn, from Mr. Funky:


New to the craft...
30 Rock, Muppets, Tina Fey
So, I was at my local B&N and looking through the craft section, and saw a *bunch* of books about making softies, etc...and I kinda want to start.  However, I wasn't really sure where to begin.  Can anyone recommend a good book for beginners?  Or tips? 

X-posted, so my apologies if you get this message twice.

(no subject)
I've just discovered what amigurumi are this week and I really want to attempt to make something, but I don't know where to start.  I've found a few patterns, but I need something completely idiot-proof because some of the patterns are not making a ton of sense to me.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Thanks!

Tiny Ickle Question
Ok. I posted a few days ago, and have tried, tried, tried to crochet. I think I thought this would be easy as I could knit, but evidently not, or should that be "knot" because I just seem to get myself mixed up.

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Sorry, but this place does seem like such a helpful community, and I really do want to create the cute little critters!

New To Amigurumi
honey bee, bee, cute
Hi everybody! I just learned about this over the past couple days and have mostly just been enjoying the onslaught that followed a eureka moment, whereby I have googled and visited all the english (and some not english) sites on the subject looking at pictures. Read more...Collapse )


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