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Gryphons and Foxes
default, reedus
Hey guys! It's been a while and I've been busy geting some of my own creations made for the upcoming conventions I'll be selling my art at, and I thought I would share :)

Gryphon!Collapse )

Foxes!Collapse )

Chinese dragon amigurumi
I know it's a late, but I made a Chinese dragon for Chinese new year!  This year is the year of the dragon, and I actually made this last year but was waiting until this year to post it.  I guess what makes this dragon Chinese is its antlers.  I didn't even know Chinese dragons had antlers until I started making this amigurumi.  Funny things you learn when you crochet amigurumis I guess haha.

Thanks for looking!  Visit my blog for more info! 

It's ami-along time!!!!
July 2011 ami-along

Yes, it's that time of the month again - don't you love it?

Well, we could all conclude that a fabulous plethora of amis were contributed the past month, and the most amazing ami-along entries hyped us all up to face the upcoming topic, ensuring a smooth transition from video games and mini mes to


First, let"s see who we can celebrate!Collapse )

Oh, and let's not forget the merits of the MYTHS, shall we?Collapse )
Well, guys, I hope you find something inspirational in this post - I  sure did, albeit when I'll get to make these, heaven knows. Keep posting the cuties, they're always welcome, no matter what the topic!

Baby Snow Dragon
The latest addition to my growing crochet plushie collection is a baby snow dragon.

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it's valentine and Lunar new year and I'm going safari
Happy Valentine and Happy New Year!
may we all get a lot of love and prosperity through the year

2010 is a tiger year based on the Chinese zodiac
I'm not Chinese but I'm celebrating the new year by making Tiger-gurumi.
and I made a "dragon" too!Collapse )

February ami-along GAMES and/or MYTHS
February's ami-along themes are
games and / or myths

As always, the monthly ami-alongs are meant just for inspiration and fun, and you have absolutely no obligation to post items that go along with the theme of the month.   We love to see ALL of the cuties that you create!  :o)


I'm in the process of  writing up a couple of posts with lots of inspiring pics, and lots of links to patterns of adorable amigurumi related to the themes, but feeling under the weather at the moment, so will post them in a day or two.  (sorry)

Thanks for all of the wonderful mini-me's that were posted last month!  Please keep 'em coming....  Remember that you can post ami's inspired by past ami-alongs at any time!  :o)

more about ami-along and group photo pool here... Collapse )

Monthly reminder about
weloveamigurumi group policies...

Please remember that this is a G-rated group, since we do have children visiting and as members, so please be careful of language and photos in posts and comments (including ICONS).  Our most important rule is to be NICE to each other.  :o)  We're here to have fun and enjoy the CUTE!  And please no posting or requesting copies of patterns copyrighted by someone other than yourself,  without the copyright holder's express permission.  It's not only unethical, it's illegal, and can cause serious problems for the poster, and also for the group! 
For more information please see our group profile/info page.  You can find this link in the top of the header box on the group page.

edited to correct confusing wording regarding copyrighted materials.

Kitsune! ^-^
I’ve always loved the stories about kitsune. Then again, that might be my own warped and mischievous sense of humor showing through. Hmmm. Maybe I’m part fox… ~-^

I made this little guy with three tails and he’s about 7” tall when he’s sitting down, perfect for cuddling in one hand! ^-^

Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. In mythology they often show their mischievous side, though they’re just as often shown to be faithful guardians and friends. A kitsune may have up to nine tails, and the more tails it has, the older, wiser, and more powerful it is.

I'll post pics a little later. EDIT: Pics now up! \^-^/

Click here for more pics!Collapse )

centaur boy
I got to finish this project, too.  :3

centaur boy"s tummy

Lo and behold, here"s my centaur boy.Collapse )

(no subject)
Prepare to be terrified... you may recoil in horror, just remember it's only a photo.

Meet my second amigurumi creation, if you dare..Collapse )

(no subject)
physeter macrocephalus
Hello all! This is Javier the Handsome Manticore. I just finished him as a present for my girlfriend.

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And here's one for the current ami-along: a sushi iPod cozy! Or, as I call it, the SUSHiPOD!!! I know cozies aren't true amigurumi, but the sushi I sewed onto it is!

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Both patterns were improvised. Thanks for looking!

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