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I'm working on a very complicated freehand toy now, and I'm really sick and tired of it >_< To distract myself a little I decided to make a small mushroom from the "Plants vs Zombie" game.

Here's what it looks like in game:

And here's what I made:

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Finished items....
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Another post xD
i told you i'd be back!! just a small post today... i was given a gift for christmas of the computer game PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES.. its SO awesomely fun, and so very addicting... and i thought. i HAVE to Ami some of the little guys x3.. so here it is!

Going Amigu-crazy!!
cute hugs

since i just learned how to make them and how to read the actual pattern, i have been making them all weekend! XD

LOOK!! =]

Oh I LOVE crochet so I've been free-handing and experimenting because I still can't read patterns


That's all for now but I have an idea!

So with holidays coming up, I was wondering if there was a holiday/monthly swap going on anywhere, or if we all could get together and have an exchange!  Someone can pick random partners and you can surprise eachother with amis of your choice!
Or we could have a premade ami trade? I bet some of us have some small amis we could all trade with eachother. I'd be happy to help organize and it'd be a nice community event to get things revving up here :3


1 Up!
Well, I made a mushroom for my boss, it was brown and beige, but it's the only ami I sent off without taking a picture first. Le sigh. So naturally, I had to make another. But I figured, as long as I'm making another, I might as well make a 1 Up mushroom!

So here's my Mario 1 Up Mushroom~ I altered the pattern from Amigurumi World 2 to make it... I also studied the 8bit sprite of the 1 up mushroom to be sure I placed the spots in the right places. ^___^

And here's a link to a more majestic pose of the 1 Up

Does this count as flora? Or is it fauna? (Or is fauna animals...? -- remember the twins in the Adams Family movie? Flora and Fauna? ^_^)

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Nikki McClure

here is one of my newest creatures:
This is "Toadstool Cutie."
My ultimate plan is to make a bunch of different themed critters similar to this one.

My boyfriend's cousin has a birthday coming up, so I decided to make his present because we never know what to give him.

Timmy's Goomba!

And before it was a Goomba, it was a cute little hat for my sleepy Chester.

Before it was a goomba, it was a cute hat!

First time poster.... mushroom family...

A gift for a friends' little girls. The whole family fits into the mushroom purse. They loved it!

kitty toyz
i made these for my cat :D

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Does anyone know a place in the dc metro area to get cheap safety eyes?

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