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Hey guys, it's been a while.

A friend of mine wants to crochet Link from the Zelda games for her husband. I thought I'd seen something here, but I've poked around and I've looked through the tags and I'm just not finding it... I could have made it up ;). SO...

Does anyone know of any patterns for Link? The more accurate the better, and pay is ok, but free is awesome ;). Thank you guys so much, everything that's been posted lately is just SO awesome!! *shout out to Peach, yo* ;)

Any furry amigurumi?
I still haven`t completed a single ami because I`m having trouble finding a pattern I like. I can`t find any free patterns for things like wolves or corgis, or even cute dogs that I could modify. I tried making some up, but they always come out weird. Does anyone know of some furry style amigurumi patterns? My furry friends all want amis from me, so I feel like I should try and get it done. ^^; thanks everyone!

Happy Seal
Hi all! n I'm new here and new to the world of Amigurumi and crochet. I'm 24 years old and live in Australia, and I'm a big pokemon fan, so expect to see a bit of pokemon amigurumi from me ^^

So, a few things for my first post. First of all, let me show you my amigurumis. My very first amigurumi/crochet work is a white reindeer:


Click here to see more cute!Collapse )

Well, that's it from me for now. I look forward to making more amigurumis - I already have an idea for the ami-along thinger ^^

Me & Lime
Hi guys, i was just looking for a pattern for an elf, i saw a couple on the net that you have to pay for but alas, i am a student and broke. lol would be great if you could help me out

x x Thankies x x

Looking for patterns
drops of jupiter
 So I'm looking for a pattern for a gecko or a rhino. I can't afford to buy one, so I was wondering if anybody has one? I've looked online quite extensively and not found one I really like for free. (It's a gift for a friend of mine that really doesn't like the goofy anthropomorphized animals with clothes kind of thing, or really goofy anything, so that restricts my searches more than anything.) Also this would be the second thing I've ever done at all, and the first thing I've ever done without a more experience crocheter watching my every stitch. x.x; If I was more experienced I'd feel more comfortable just making it up as I went along, but I don't even yet have much confidence just in the doing stitches right. And my crochet goddess is in another state until January, so.. I really like the look of this gecko. I think he'd like it a lot. Also, there's the rhino that I think he'd think is adorable. Does anybody have any patterns, or know any websites that would have patterns, that look similar to either of these? Lizard/geckos and rhinos are his favorite animals, so I'm trying to find those. Help? j-j

I've been trying to decide what to make my 2 best friends this year. It suddenly came to me; One's favorite animal is a tiger, the other a lion, & mine a bear.
So I wanna make a lion, tiger, and bear that look like they go together. We all live in different places, so it's gonna be like, every time you look at your animal, you can think of the other 2.

I went on Lion Brand's site & found a pattern for a bear and a lion that obviously go together... but no luck with the tiger.
I've just started crocheting recently, so I don't feel comfortable enough to just make my own tiger in that fashion.

So, has anyone come across a lion, tiger, and bear that look like a set? Or has anyone made a tiger in the fashion linked above?

Any help is SUPER appreciated! Thankss!


Liz and Ben - Chapel B&W
Free, easy to read, simple patterns for:

Horse shoes
The state of texas shape
Cowboy hat
Silhouette of a horse



Sail boat

Alphabet letters

I know this is a long list, but my internet time isnt abundant so my search options are limited.

thanks :)

Monkeys and Bears
Rune factory Frontier
Doesn't anyone know of any good bear and/or monkey patterns? I wanna make some amigurumis for my friends as Christmas gifts.

Ami anni ;)
I discovered amigurumi almost exactly 2 years ago. I already loved crocheting, but this just took it to a whole new level. With so many wonderful things that could be made, I was in heaven!! A new obsession was born ;). Since then I've made so many fun toys, gotten Simple Making of Dolls -Hello Kitty, Amigurumi Patterns Cosmic Mook and Amigurumi No Nakamatachi in Japanese, not to mention Creepy Cute Crochet and Amigurumi World, and found SO MANY amazing web sites.

I need to upload a bunch of pics... I've been making stuff, especially for the holidays, but I've not posted anything in prolly a year o_O. I'll have to get back on that...

Anyway, I felt like putting all my fave ami links and help together in one spot. So, besides cruising the wonderful weloveamigurumi ;), here's where I go when I am looking for all things ami!!

Lion Brand Amigurumi
Amigurumi, Animals, Food, and Toys on Crochet Pattern Central
Ami on Squidoo
A Crochet Toy Chest
Kristieskids Patterns
Snuffykin's Good For Beginners Delicious collection
Crochet Kitten
DIY Ami Posts
Inner Child Crochet
Cake Sachets

For beginner help:
Krysanya's Tutorial
Cupcake Tutorial
Planet June's Tutorials
Part 3 - Other Techniques Tutorial
Mygurumi Tutorials
Sculptural Crochet Primer by Wunderkammer
The Front and Back Sides of Crochet By Deb Richey
Knittycat's Yarn Knot Eyes
Crafty Shanna's Dr. Horrible Hand
Crochetspot Tutorials and Help (arwenjade7 listed the shapes)

For Japanese patterns:
Japanese Character Translation
How to Read a Japanese Crochet Pattern
Guide to Reading Japanese Patterns by aspettame

Ami Books on Amazon
Joann's Yarn
Knit Picks
Knitting Warehouse
Yarn Market
CR's Crafts Eyes
Suncatcher Eyes

rain drops and umbrellas
Liz and Ben - Chapel B&W
Can anyone point me in the direction of a free rain drop pattern and a small umbrella pattern?

Thanks :)

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