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Late monthly inspirational links

Well hellooo everyone!  We all got our monthly themes a few days ago - so, are you excited? I sure am! So excited, actually, that I just had to go on a pattern hunt. Here's the pick of the crop, if you're interested.

I am kind of low on Valentines this year, but that doesn't discourage me at all! It's still a splendid opportunity for everyone regardless of their relationship status to crochet cutesy stuff - don't you think?

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Huh, I guess I should run off and craft something - like a tree, or a dryad...

Finished items....
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D is for Divide et Impera
I'm currently challenge myself to make an alphabet amigurumi series
and this week theme is accidentally fit the ami along's farm theme

umm.. I brought a wolf too to the farm, but I think it's okay, since he's wearing lamb's fur, isn't it?
read the story (with pictures) in my blog

Holiday Critters
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with lots of Love from Lambie Loveykins,
and theknittycat and anthor

Yet another Lambie Peep!  :o)  This is the little guy that I made for my Hub for Valentine's Day - he wanted another Lambie!  Seriously!  He LOVES these little guys!  heh heh  Want's one for Easter, too!  Good thing that I like making them.  ;o)  These and the Pocket Lambies are the only ami's that I like to repeat making... over and over and over.
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Hope you all have a day filled with Love!  We send lots of Love to all of you and to your dear ones!

Hugs from theknittycat

eta: made from my free "Wee Lambie Peeps" pattern, but without double knitting.

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long time no post! like i think it's been over a year, lol

I 've been up to much, as always, but i just wanted to share a few crochet ami pieces.

first up... lamb!


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First ami post!
Hi all!

I've been lurking ever since I found out about amigurumi last winter. You all do some really nice jobs here and I'd like to contribute, even though I just started out.

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A Lambie Thank You to Snuffykin...
For all the very hard work she did on our swap, and for being the sweetie that she is,
I sent snuffykin this wee limbless Pocket Lambie named Laddie

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Spring Amigurumi
cat-artemis running

In like a lion, out like a lambCollapse )

Actually, I didn't intentionally make a lion and a lamb in March. But the way I crochet, I never know what I'm making until I get the head half-finished. Then whatever it looks most like, I finish the animal as such. So there we are. A lion and a lamb. Unfortunately, the lion is half the size of the lamb, so they don't "go" together very well.
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Valentine's Day

Be smart,be clever
put me in your
Heart 4-Ever!
Happy Valentine's Day 


I made 3 of them.
Yes they are for my granddaughters for Valentine's Day.
 The little dress and necklace does come off,
I'm making more dresses so they can change there outfits.

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