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Mr Jellyfish
Here's Mr Jellyfish! I really liked the effect of the stripy wool :) He's so jolly!

Pattern found here: http://maidireamigurumi.blogspot.com  (I did 2 sc's in each sc of the tentacle chain though)

Hot Pink Jelly
Shannon rocker
I was testing and reviewing this weird yarn for my blog, so I decided to make one of my jellyfish patterns with the yarn. Yarn was meh, but the jellyfish turned out pretty cute!

 Pink Jellyfish May 2011

More pics at my blog http://awkwardsoul.wordpress.com/

(no subject)
My first few amigurumi I made. Having a laptop back makes it alot easier to show =)

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I've made a TON of amis and my shop is really taking off now. I'm sure you aren't interested in my boring rambles and I'll just move on to the amis. here we go!Collapse )

Re-shoots and recent work
I did a recent re-shoot of a few old dolls I made sometime last year. I still need more/better lighting, I'll pick up another light soon enough.

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Jellyfish Amigurumi
Shannon rocker
Probably the 4th jellyfish I've made, but this time I finally got the pattern the way I wanted!
The jellyfish is pretty darn cute and rivaling my octopus amigurumi on adorable-ness!

Jelly Jellyfish Amigurumi by ~awkwardsoul on deviantART

Pattern is listed on etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/AwkwardSoul

Oh I LOVE crochet so I've been free-handing and experimenting because I still can't read patterns


That's all for now but I have an idea!

So with holidays coming up, I was wondering if there was a holiday/monthly swap going on anywhere, or if we all could get together and have an exchange!  Someone can pick random partners and you can surprise eachother with amis of your choice!
Or we could have a premade ami trade? I bet some of us have some small amis we could all trade with eachother. I'd be happy to help organize and it'd be a nice community event to get things revving up here :3


(no subject)
Hi all!

At the moment I'm working on a commission for my sister's boyfriend who is computer geek, it's going to be Tux, the linux mascot which is a penguin, and I must confess, it's the largest thing I've ever crocheted, and my first pattern.

Of Penguins and Jellyfish - !pic heavy!Collapse )

When I'm done with Tux, I'll offer that pattern for free on Ravelry and my LiveJournal page seeing as Linux is a free OS.

Rupert the Jellyfish
Well hello there, little guy. Aren't you a cutie...


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Newbie FO's
Hi! I'm new to the group, so I thought I'd post some of my projects. My very first crochet projects were actually Amigurumi, and I absolutely love them all!

Photos and yarn babble after the jump :)

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I'm constantly looking for patterns for these little guys, preferably free. If you could help me out with that, or recommend awesome books like Amigurumi World, it would be much appreciated :)

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