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What I've been doing lately
Cutethulhu! (To learn more about him go here and here.) From the Lion Brand pattern (you have to sign up to view it, but it's free and they haven't sent me any spam yet, so it's not too bad).

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Heart Man! My own pattern, based on little heart man doodles my dad used to draw on my birthday cards when I was little.

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Little Ducky, pattern from KristieMN.

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Big Octopus, made for a friend's friend's daughter. Based on the same pattern as Cutethulhu.

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Owl, made for a friend. From the Lion Brand pattern - it's the graduation owl without the mortarboard.

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Turtle, made for a friend. From the Lion Brand pattern.

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Hippo, made for fun because it was a different style of pattern to try. Pattern from KristiesKids, you'll have to scroll down a little to find it.

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Heart teddy, made for my Tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian) who is currently going through cancer treatments. Pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. The heart is separate, from cindylouh's pattern.

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Little Girl, for a friend's daughter. Based on this Lion Brand Yarn pattern, only without facial details or wings.

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My first "commission" project (in quotes because there's no actual money involved). My husband has a co-worker that has earned a nickname, so now we have this wonderful little gift.

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Helen the Hippo
dugan, scottie
Just finished Helen. Planning to make Evie a sweater/sacque to match Helen's. x-posted in crochet, crochet and 52 crafts.

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My first Amigurumi
Power of good or evil
Meet Quartermain

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This is a Christmas present for my daughter. I'm really pleased with how he turned out.
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More Food! Jelly Baby Peep! And Pippita Potomus, too!

Another food entry for the ami-along, and I actually knitted this one in August!!  Who knew?!  heh heh  I just realized it myself!

Wee Jimmy the Jelly Baby for D's Birthday

Jimmy was knitted with some lovely 100% Bamboo yarn from http://www.yarncloud.com called Bamboo Magic Waves.  :o)

Also ready for viewing...

Pippita Potomus

My Dear Hubbard was so crazy about Pippa Potomus, and was so sad that she was leaving us, that he couldn’t bear to part with her till I made him a Pippita Potomus of his very own, as one of his birthday peeps (though I swore I’d never make another one)! :o)



My Cute Amigurumi Creations
So I have had some amigurumi's done for a while but I just never got around to posting pictures of them. Finally I can show you all what my cute creatures look like. I just started making amigurumi about 2 or 3 weeks ago, so none of them are completely original. I was trying to just get the idea down before trying to make my own creations. All of them are behind a cut so that I don't explode your friends page ;)

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Let me know what you think about all my creations. Sorry for such a massive post but I promise it will be the only one. Next I'm working on a girl elephant and an octopus. Later probably some more Christmas gifts which include a Tiger and a Stingray. :P

Another Pink Ballerina???
Katerina Kitty Ballerina is the latest, very pink, Peep in the family.  She's another gift for our niece, Kristina's 10th birthday (along with Kermie 2)

.Katrina Kitty Ballerina

Hippo part duex!
I made me a pink hippo for a co-workers birthday... she is obsesses with all things pink....

I had intended to give the hippo wings... but, he doesn't need them... I don't think he would like them very much... (yep, he's a he.)

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Pippa Potomus - the baby ballet dancer
I've finally finished Pippa Potomus (she's for our niece's 3rd birthday)!  Hurray!  And here she is... well, one side of her.  :o)

Pippa Potomus - the end

Pippa Potomus - the end

Happy Hippo!
One of my favorite amigurumi creations I've made this year...

I've put the pattern on my journal if any one would like to try it. I love this Ami!

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