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Dolphin Amigurumi Pattern
For once, I typed up a pattern! A lot of people seem to like my dolphin amigurumi, so I thought I might as well just give out the pattern for free. For anyone who's interested, come visit! I've posted the pattern on my site. So..enjoy? :D


Crocheted Christmas Sweets
Hello Knitty Kitty
It's Christmas time! That means it's time for yummy sweets! I crocheted a few things to give to my coworkers. These gifts aren't useful like the usual coffee gift cards people give out at the office, but they're handmade...so that makes them better. ;P

First off, some red velvet cupcakes with holly berries on top
Christmas red velvet cupcakes

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December ami-along is animate inanimates or jewelry
Yet another month has passed, and here we are again, on the brink of a new AMI-ALONG! This time we're dealing with some serious issues as a closing ceremony of the year, so, that is why our topic is

Drop in for some inspiration under the cut.Collapse )

Or just make some amigurumi JEWELRY.
Like these here.Collapse )
I hope you'll find amongst these something to challenge your artistic skills this month, too.

Girly Myspace Layouts
more free spooky patterns here...Collapse )

It's ami-along time!!!!
July 2011 ami-along

Yes, it's that time of the month again - don't you love it?

Well, we could all conclude that a fabulous plethora of amis were contributed the past month, and the most amazing ami-along entries hyped us all up to face the upcoming topic, ensuring a smooth transition from video games and mini mes to


First, let's see who we can celebrate!Collapse )

Oh, and let's not forget the merits of the MYTHS, shall we?Collapse )
Well, guys, I hope you find something inspirational in this post - I  sure did, albeit when I'll get to make these, heaven knows. Keep posting the cuties, they're always welcome, no matter what the topic!

May ami-along themes are: SCI FI / FUTURISTIC and/or UNDER THE SEA

May 2011 ami-along

A new month -
a new ami-along theme!  :o)

Such cool themes this month!!  I'm excited!!  :o)

Remember - ami-alongs are for fun and inspiration.  You can post items with any themes, at any time (g-rated, of course)!  :o) 
And please feel free to post your creations inspired by past ami-alongs (or future ones)!

The complete ami-along calendar for 2011 can be found here,
if you want to think ahead.  (along with LOTS of good beginning amigurumi information and info about our group)  ;o)

The themes for the May ami-along are:

Oh my!  There are soooooo many ideas and patterns in these themes!  It was really difficult for me to rein myself in and just give you a reasonable number of them. ;o)

I did limit my search to free patterns only. 
There are LOTS more available in paid patterns as well as free ones.

SciFi/Futuristic patterns:

Sci Fi / Future Patterns - click hereCollapse )

Under the Sea patterns:

Under the Sea Patterns - click hereCollapse )

We hope you have lots of fun with these ideas and inspirations!!  :o)

Hugs from theknittycat and Anthor

April ami-along themes are IN THE POND and/or KIDDIE LIT & FAIRY TALES

April 2011 ami-along


Don't you just love spring?! 
Flowers and birds and baby amugurumi!  Yay!  :o)

It's time for a new ami-along, and this month's themes are:

In the Pond and/or Kiddie Lit & Fairy Tales

Lots of fun ideas with this one!  We hope you are inspired to make something super cute!

pattern here

You've seen this marvellous frog bracelet before but I just had to 
bring it back for our pond ami-along. It's so totally adorable!

More Pond Amigurumi Free Pattern Links here...Collapse )

And Snuffykin has a terrific section of links on delicious.com for
amigurumi and lit! 
Check them out here:

snuffykin's kiddie lit delicious links

A reminder -
the monthly ami along themes are just for fun and inspiration. No obligation to make something in the theme. And please feel free to post ami's made for previous themes (or with no ami-along theme in mind) at any time. :o)

It's also the Spring season (Yay!) and with Easter coming soon, many of us are happily busy making Easter ami's!  What could be cuter than a baby bunny or chick? 
An amigurumi bunny or chick of course!  ;o)  

And who doesn't love coloring Easter eggs?  Especially amigurumi eggs!  These eggs last forever!


Please check out our earlier posts with Easter pattern links and lots of Easter ideas:

Happy Ami-Along Day, everyone!  :o)

and Happy Spring!!

Hugs from theknittycat

The March ami-along Themes are FAERIES and ANGELS and/or ZOO and FARM

March 2011 ami-along

It's a new month and a new ami-along is at hand!  And this month's themes are enough to keep ANYone occupied!  :o)!

Remember that you can see the ami-along calendar any time, in the group's profile page
(at the userinfo link at the top of the group's page)

The themes for March are 
and/or ZOO and FARM!


Whew!!  Sooo many ideas... So little time!!!  :o)

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I know I'm a day late ...  I'm sorry  :o/  but ...

Happy ami-along Day!!  :o) 

February ami-along part 3 GEOMETRICS - PART 2
At Last!  The long-awaited part 3 of the February ami-along patterns...  Ta DAAAAA!


Sleepy Sara pattern by Owlishly

the Ideal Crocheted Sphere pattern by mspremiseconclusion

There are a LOT of patterns here (all FREE!!), both knit and crochet ones ... and you may wonder why some are included... Well, after a couple of days of pattern searching, with my fevered brain I was seeing geometric figures in nearly EVERYthing!!  heh heh  Since amigurumi, are often made up of simple shapes, many fit very well in this category - so you're probably pretty safe in putting most of your projects in the ami-along this month!  ;o)

If you are running out of inspiration, or are just an ami-junkie like me, and love to look at cool designs, check out some (or lots, or ALL) of these cool patterns!
  Maybe you can make a game out of guessing "what on earth made theknittycat choose THIS pattern for Geometrics?!"  ;o)  Or you can just sit back and enjoy the CUTE!!
Click for LOTS of Patterns and PicsCollapse )

Have Fun!  :o)

February ami-along part 2 of 3... Geometrics part 1!

February ami-along part 2 of 3...

part 1!

As I mentioned in the February ami-along post, I came across so many free patterns that could slip into the "Geometrics" part of this month's ami-along theme, that I've had to split them up into two posts, and this is part 1 of Geometrics!  :o)

Amigurumi are typically made with simple 3D shapes, put together, so you can imagine that LOTS of them fit in with this theme. 

WARNING:  So many free patterns it may boggle your mind!!  heh heh
Lots of both knit and crochet versions.  (I'm sorry I don't have any more time to spend to separate them.)

Berroco Free Pattern | Celestine Crochet

Magnetic Katamari Pattern  Amys Babies

for Lots of FREE patterns for wonderful shapes... click hereCollapse )

Geometrics Part 2 will be coming soon!  :o)

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