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Rudolph Reindeer Amigurumi
Hello all!

Just wanted to share a little holiday joy with my Rudolph reindeer amigurumi!


There are so many bells on his collar, that when you shake him he jingles quite a bit!  That's my favorite part of this amigurumi.  For more pics and info, please stop by my blog!  Thanks for looking!  And I'll have a few more Christmas amigurumi friends to share with you too!

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Hi again!
Remember how I said I'll make better things with the seamless technique? Well, I did.  It's a li'l fawn!
deer front
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Epic Win
Hey guys,
well, all my friends have gone away to college, so that means
to cuddle and remember me by :3

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Hi everyone! I'm new here, so I thought I'd share my latest little critter :)

I made this Bambi style fawn from a pattern out of a crochet book I got for christmas, 'Amigurumi - super happy crochet cute' by elisabeth a doherty. she has a website, I just cant find my link to it atm! Its a gorgeous pattern and i'm stoked with how she came out.

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Buttercup the Fawn


Rory the Reindeer
Rory the Reindeer Ornament
Click the picture for the free pattern

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Here are my two newest ornaments, a reindeer and snowman. I made my lovely husband hold them for me while I took pictures. Isn't he the best! I think I still like my Elf and Santa ones better, but these are cute too. The snowman does have a hat on, it's just a little dark in the picture. The reindeer has a little bell tied around his neck. Oh, the things you can get done when you're too sick to go into work :D

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Pink Frosting - deer

Deer 1
Originally uploaded by pureEVA.
She looks like a donut from my local grocery store :P She has felt hearts and beads on her backside. No wires int he legs either! I would like to make her a companion named Chocolate Frosting ^_^

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