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The Big-Headed Spotless Cow
Spotless Big-Headed Cow

The original design was by Sabine Ingrao. However, I didn't like the way some of the pattern worked itself out. I adapted it to my liking and have rearranged the way it's written so it's easier (for me, anyway) to follow. I've also added a few sections that were missing in the original design. Feel free to message me if something is unclear or confusing so I can make the appropriate changes. :)

[Click for the pattern....]
Yarn: White, Pink (or tan), and Brown - Next time I make this I'll put how much I actually used.
Hook: Adapt the hook size to the chosen yarn

SC: Single Crochet
HDC: Half Double Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
TR: Trebble Crochet
CH: Chain Stitch
PPST: Popcorn Stitch (5 DC)
SLST: Slip Stitch

I highly reccomend using a stitch marker to count while making the body. It's extremely important the stitches are as exact as possible.

The total number of stitches is written in parenthesis at the end of each round.

In Pink (or tan)
RND01: 6 SC in magic ring (6)
RND02: 2 SC in each st around (12)

RND03: [1 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (18)
RND04: [2 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (24)
RND05: [3 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (30)
RND06: [4 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (36)
RND07: [5 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (42)
RND08: [6 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (48)
RND09: [7 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (54)

RND10: [8 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (60)
RND11-15: 1 SC in each st around (60)

RND16: [8 SC, SC2TOG] around (54)
RND17-20: 1 SC in each st around (54)

RND21: [4 SC, SC2TOG] around (45)

**Change to white**

RND22: [3 SC, SC2TOG] around (36)
RND23-32: 1 SC in each st around (36) - If using safety eyes, insert between round 24/25 7 SC apart.

RND33: [4 SC, SC2TOG] around (30)
RND34: [3 SC, SC2TOG] around (24)
RND35: [2 SC, SC2TOG] around (18)
RND36: [1 SC, SC2TOG] around (12)
RND37: SC2TOG around (6)


Make 4
Important: The legs must be done before the body.

In brown
RND1: 6 SC in magic ring (6)
RND2: 2 SC in next st around (12)

RND3: 2 SC in next st around (24)
RND4: 1 SC in each st around (24)
RND5: 1 SC in each st around (24) - in back loops only
RND6-8: 1 SC in each st around (24)

RND9: [6 SC, SC2TOG] around (21)
RND10: 1 SC in each st around (21)

**Change to white**

RND12: 1 SC in each st around (21) - in back loops only

RND13: [5 SC, SC2TOG] around (18)
RND14-17: 1 SC in each st around (18)

RND18: [4 SC, SC2TOG] around (15)
RND19-23: 1 SC in each st around (15)

RND24: [3 SC, SC2TOG] around (12)
RND 25-29: 1 SC in each st around (12)

RND30: fold leg in half and close with 6 SC (6)



In white
RND 1: 6 SC into a magic ring (6)
RND2: 2 SC in next st around (12)
RND3: [1 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (18)
RND4: [2 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (24)
RND5: [3 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (30)
RND6: [4 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (36)
RND7: [5 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (42)
RND8: [6 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (48)

RND9: 16 SC, Insert 1st leg (6 SC), 2 SC, Insert 2nd leg (6 SC), 18 SC (48)
RND10-16: 1 SC in each st around (48)

RND17: [6 SC, SC2TOG] around (42)
RND18-21: 1 SC in each st around (42)

RND22: [5 SC, SC2TOG] around (36)
RND23-25: 1 SC in each st around (36)
RND26: 11 SC, Insert 3rd leg (6 SC), 11 SC, Insert 4th leg (6 SC), 2 SC (36)

RND27: [4 SC, SC2TOG] around (30)
RND28-31: 1 SC in each st around (30)

RND32: [3 SC, SC2TOG] around (24)
RND33-37: 1 SC in each st around (24)

RND38: 12 SC, 1 CH, turn (12+1)
RND39: SC2TOG, 8 SC, SC2TOG, 1 CH, turn (10+1)
RND40: SC2TOG, 6 SC, SC2TOG (8)


Make 2

In brown:
RND1: 9 CH, turn (9)
RND2: SC2TOG, 7 SC, 1 CH, turn (8+1)
RND3: SC2TOG, 6 SC, 1 CH, turn (7+1)
RND4: SC2TOG, 5 SC, 1 CH, turn (6+1)
RND5: SC2TOG, 4 SC, 1 CH, turn (5+1)
RND6: SC2TOG, 3 SC (4)

SLST edges to make a complete round (horn shaped)

Make 4 (2 in pink(tan), 2 in white)

Important: Start with the pink ears.

Row 1: CH13, turn (13)
Row 2: (Starting in 2nd ch from hook) 4 SC, 4 HDC, 3 DC, 7 TR.
Row 2: (backside) 3 DC, 4 HDC, 4 SC.

F/O pink ears ONLY.

When making the white ears, DO NOT fasten off. Take one pink ear, place it wrong side together with the white ear and SC both ears together w/white yarn.



In pink (or tan)
RND1: 6 SC in magic ring (6)
RND2: 2 SC in each st around (12)
RND3: [1 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (18)
RND4: [2 SC, 2 SC in next st] around (24)
RND5: [5 SC, 1 PPST] around (24)
RND6-9: 2 SC in each st around (24)



Loop your yarn six times around itself (think the first half of a granny knot, or the first part of tieing your shoe... only 6 times around). Pull both running ends until correct size eye is formed.


RND1: 8 SC in magic ring, SLST together (8)



Sew/SLST the ears and horns to the head. Stuff the body and sew/SLST to the head (I only needed to attach the back portion of the head to the body).

Sew/SLST 3/4 of the udders onto the body, stuff, then finish attaching. Make a small plait with white yarn to form a tail and attach it at the bottom of the back.

more of the palmtop-sized farm animals
Let me sum you up  what I've been up to since I last posted an ami on this wall.
The latest is this goat, who refuses to pose alone for a pic, so here goes my latest mare with her:
goat and horse
And here's the rest of them.Collapse )
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Since almost a whole week has passed after our latest post, I guess I should break the silence so we can be prolific again. Let me show you guys the next addition to my yarny farm:
Mini Moo
MiniMooCollapse )
So, what animal would you suggest should come next in my palmtop farm collection?  

(no subject)
crochet // doll // ecila
To the folks that asked on my last post, sorry, no pattern for the snowy owl. I just winged it (pun severely intended). Most of the stuff I do I just make up as I go along, occasionally scrawling some of it down in my own shorthand, should I need to create a repeat piece or a whole other, identical ami.

The large doll under the cut is based on the dolls from Elisabeth Doherty's book but honestly I haven't had to look at a pattern to make one for a while. Some things are pretty different than the patterns in the book, though. The head is shaped and jointed to swivel independently from the body. Also, uh, she's mostly naked and I'm in the process of sewing her some clothes and trying to come up with some shoes. She also needs some hair. ;)

The other two amis were completely without a pattern or even anything to look at. Well, I did look up some llama photos for a little help. Check 'em out; hope they are well liked! cow, llama, dollyCollapse )

woodland catcow
Only a couple of these guys left, then the idea is getting shelved for a little while...

three more picsCollapse )
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Good Cowgirls
I posted a couple weeks ago asking for a cow pattern. Everyone was so nice and helpful, and there were plenty of patterns to choose from. I went with the one from the Kristie's Kids website.

My friend is very sick with cancer, so I hope this little cow makes her smile. Her father was a milkman, back when door-to-door delivery was the norm, and she loves cows.

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btw, I'm also on Ravelry as bluehwys. :)

Ami turtle, and a question
Kermit hearts Rum
I found this community a few days ago, and just joined this morning. I did my first Amigurumi a week or so ago, and now I want to keep making them! What I love best (besides how cute they are) is that they work up so quickly - a few hours as opposed to a few weeks or months for a blanket. Instant gratification, lol!

My question - I have a friend who's very sick, and I'd like to make her a little something to make her smile. She really loves cows, so I thought I'd make her one. Problem is, I can't find a pattern ANYWHERE. I checked all the usual places I check for patterns (including the Lion website) but it seems like no one has anything about cows. Can anyone here point me in the right direction, or share a pattern if they have one? I'd be so very grateful.

And my first amigurumi. A little turtle for another friend, who's birthday is in a couple weeks. I used the free pattern on the Lion Brand website, but used Cotton Ease instead of the Vanna's Choice that the pattern suggests, and an E hook instead of a G. He's 6 1/2 inches from nose to tail, and 2 3/4 inches tall.

SheldonCollapse )

I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and so excited that I can't wait to give it to her, lol. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

Bunnies and Zombies!
Since my last post the bunnies have been multiplying and I also got an awesome ami idea from my best friend for a zombie!!!

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(no subject)
Hey guys!

So my friend wants my mother to make her a crochet cow and I havent really seen any good patterns around. I can only find about 3 around on google.

She wants something like this:

Very big pic, sorry!

Can anyone help?

you asked for it....

Here' s the basic pattern!  Have fun, and do show your versions!  :3
Didn't think it'd be this soon, did ya? XD

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