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Someone has recently asked if I would allow for one of my stories to be translated into Chinese and I'm kind of on the fence about it. While flattered, I'm apprehensive for the ovious reasons. I know that not everyone is a terrible person, but you hear those horror stories and it just sticks in your brain.

Comics, Manga, and Other Random Musings
I’ve never been a comic book person, sure I read the occasional comic book form of mangas if I was completely in-love with the anime series--Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing being prime examples of this obsessed, crazy love. I even still own the manga I had managed to collect before I stopped collecting (for whatever reason).

I’m sure I would have probably continued to stay in my little corner of the universe and ignored comic books if it hadn’t been thanks to the internet and fanfiction. Thor and the Avengers introduced me to the amazing and amusing character that is Clint Barton, after that I just had to get to know him better. The internet provided me his backstory and fanfiction gave me insight into his comic book alter-ego. Long story, short – I’m now reading the latest series of Hawkeye, Black Widow, and this weekend I picked up the first two issues of the Secret Avengers, volume 3?, (because I love Phil Coulson and need him in my life).

If anyone has any other suggestions for comic series I need to try, drop a comment. Recommendations are welcomed and appreciated.

In the other areas of my life, I was turned down for a job because I was overqualified and the director thought I would be bored. She said this to my face. I’m of the firm opinion, whether or not I’ll be bored, is my issue and not yours. The only thing they should worry about is whether or not I do my job accurately and efficiently. I’ll deal with my level of entertainment the same way I always do, by writing and daydreaming about plots and characters. Fun times, fun times.

I have started another temporary work assignment. It’s with another law firm, but they don’t appear to be as mismanaged as the last one, so huzzah. Another plus are the hours… shorter. Though I will say, the start time makes me a tad crazy. I’m used to starting at 8 and then getting the hell of there once my 8 hours are done. Yet at this job, the start time is 9:30am, which makes me feel like half my morning has been wasted. Call me crazy but that is how I roll.

My eldest nephew and his impending high school graduation makes me feel old. I mean I’m 28 and have two teenage nephews and a niece under the age of 10. How is this my life? Never mind the massive age gaps between their ages…especially if I ever get around to having kids. Any kid I’ll have will feel exactly like I did when I learned that majority of my dad’s nieces and nephews were closer to his age than mine. Although my dad was the youngest kid in his family and there was a 20 year gap between him and his eldest sibling.

Девиз перфекциониста :)
Originally posted by kykolnik at Девиз перфекциониста :)

Всегда смотри на вещи со светлой стороны, а если таковых
нет — натирай темные, пока не заблестят...

китайская пословица


Great Recipe Experiment 2014 #3 - Crockpot Ham
I ran into a problem just before Easter. My oven stopped working (and that's something I do need to get looked at). But that left me with a 9 lb. ham that would not fit in my little convection oven to cook for 6 people who were coming for a pre-Easter get together.

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Муж с мамой сегодня сообщили прекрасную новость
Завод снова переходит на график работы 7.30-16.00
После перевода часов на московское время рабочий день перенесли на время 8.30-17.00, чтобы людям было легче адаптироваться. Иначе пришлось бы выходить в районе пяти утра по старому времени
За месяц народ пообвыкся, поэтому завод возвращают на привычный график.
Это прекрасно!
Разницы особой нет в том, чтоб встать в 6 или в 7
Зато лишний час после работы оооочень в тему, особенно летом. Сейчас темнеет в полдевятого, в Украине в это время было полседьмого!!!
Летом день будет еще длиннее. Можно и на море успеть, и погулять, и вообще!

Я очень-очень этому рада

А я упорная...
Оригинал взят у ksy_putan в Мультиварки – розыгрыш
Компания КитФорт, чью технику мы уже успели полюбить, прислала мне на тестирование мультиварку КТ-203.

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