Need Help With a Ram's Horn Pattern
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Hey guys! I need help.

I've been trying to come up with my own pattern for a ram's horn, and I was really successful at making one (which would be the left horn). The part I need help with, is that I'm trying to reverse it for the other side, so they can look symmetrical once I sew them on, and I'm having problems with making the curve going the right way. Click Here for an image of the horn, plus the patternCollapse )

Some Amis I've done over the past few months
Evil Grin
Hi community! I don't usually share as much on here as I use to but I felt like showing some of these off to other hookers out there who would be interested. A lot of them I don't really use patterns anymore, and kind of just free form them.
A bat, clown doll, a monster, a mario mushroom, a panda in a dapper hat, and cthulluCollapse )
I've been enjoying making things with all my scrap yarn and getting a chance to use some of the projects I started and then never finished.

Dean Winchester and Castiel dolls from Supernatural!
Flynn/CLU: Halves
Finished these guys up for a friend over on Tumblr! Dean's amulet is cast in resin, and Castiel's wings are attached to heavy snaps, so they can be removed if desired. The hair is brushed yarn.

Other images below the cut, 'cause they're big.

Pictures!Collapse )

American Heart
So, this is an American Patriotic Heart.

It could be aCollapse )
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My latest project
Here my latest project:
Small hearts (they are really small, about 1 inch tall)

This is a hairpin on my daughter's hair:

What do you think?
Does anyone want to help me to test the pattern?


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Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!
And a Happy Spring!

Lots and Lots of Easter Pattern Links!!

Easter Amigurumi!
I've just pinned the links to a bunch more Easter patterns on my Cute Toys board at
This most recent batch are all FREE patterns!!   Lots of cuties to choose from in crochet and in knit. :o)
Lots of Bunnies, Chicks, Eggs, Baskets, and MORE!!
See some samples inside...Collapse )
While browsing the board, you can scroll down further, past the ones I just posted there yesterday, to find lots more (plus lots of non-Easter oriented goodies), but not all are free like this last batch.
Hope you have fun with these wonderful patterns!  :o)  So much CUTENESS!!!!  Yay!
Happy Easter-Crafting!

Yarn Colour and Felt Question
Hey guys!

So I've been toying with the idea of crocheting some dolls based on some anime characters, and I wanted to ask a couple questions:

1. I mostly use Red Heart Super Saver. Would anyone happen to know what would be a good colour for skin tone? Should I go with a very light pink? Or something that's more on the tanned side (like buff)? Or is there another colour out there that's perfect for skin tone?

2. For these dolls, I was thinking on using felt for the eyes, mouths, and possibly some symbols that'll be on them as well - it's just easier than to actually try to crochet them, I think, and I suck at embroidery ;) Do you have any advice about using felt for amigurumi crocheted things? Is there a certain type of felt to get, and which ones to avoid? Is it Ok to hot glue gun the felt pieces onto the doll? Or should I sew it on?


'Frozen' Elsa
Here she is...finally.
Lookie...Collapse )


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