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Winter Spirit
multikhaikhai wrote in weloveamigurumi
This is my latest doll I made in two days and about 17hr straight of work!

This is the last of my old overdue commissions! It feels good to get stuff done :)

This is my interpretation of a Winter Spirit-type werewolf. He is made of sooo many pieces and I had exactly enough yarn to finish him. He's needle sculpted and his legs are 8 individual pieces sewn to get that wolfish shape.His head is 5 pieces,and his arms are 6 each. He's 14" tall. He has individual fingers and toes and icy blue handpainted eyes.

I love love love how he turned out, he's probably one of my best dolls I've ever made.


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Your creations are gorgeous!

That looks AWESOME! Wow, you did such a good job!

woooo :D impresionante :D me encanta :3

This has got to be one of the most amazing and creative Amis I have ever seen! I love it!

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