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ISO: Pattern help
lkk wrote in weloveamigurumi
I’m looking for some help with this free on-line crochet pattern: Lily the Christmas Elf.

I’m confused about the making the shoe’s heel. The shoe begins at the toe and works in the round to form a cone. Then, without breaking the yarn, half the circumference is worked in 3 rows. The yarn is then fastened off. The pattern then says to “Fold back of shoe in half to form Heel. Sew back Heel seam.” This is the part I don’t understand. Fold in half how? Vertically by bringing the left and right edges together? Horizontally by bringing the top row down to the bottom row? Sew a seam where? How far?

After the seam is sewn, the yarn is joined in at the top of the shoe and another shoe round is made followed by the leg rounds. I’ve looked through the finished projects photos. Unfortunately, none of the photos show the back of the shoe or mention how the heel was sewn.

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Help??

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