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Hoot! Hoot!
legendancer wrote in weloveamigurumi
Oh, just look what cuties decided to perch on the tree in front of my window!
Owls 001
And they are so friendly, you can even pick them up - wonder if they are related to Pigwidgeon, since they are so small...
Owls 003

Note: If there are some people with 2 hours free today to test me this pattern, drop me a line. This is a quickie to make, and I'd like to share their joy.
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Me! I'd love to make some for my sister in law. She collects owl-everything!

Sure thing! PM me the email address I should send it to, and I'll do so ASAP.

Absolutely adorable! And so very tiny. I'm afraid I'd go blind making something that small. I'm very impressed at the size and your design. Great job!

Thanks, I'm glad they're beloved. And their size only depends on the yarn yopu use - the bigger one could've been bigger if I had a hook above 4mms, but alas, I usually do tinies, and my stash reflects that. The smaller owl is about average size for me, and it's not that hard to do, really.

Love to. How hard is the "today" constraint? I've got yarn & hooks & a day job & kids. I could probably do it on the weekend.

Thanks, that'd be fine, too, there's no rudh really. The time limit is only because I wanted to share it with others sooner. :D It's not a hard one - I think -and the two hours is an estimated time it takes an experienced crocheter to whip it up - if I managed to write it down understandably, that is.
If you are still game, PM me an address and I shall send it to you. I don't want to publicate a patern with difficulties, though.

I'll do it! It'll be larger but mememe!

thanks, and wellcome aboard! I've sent the the pattern to the address you had in your profile. I'll be waiting for your results. :D

Thanks, they surely are! I'm thinking of making earrings out of teeny owls, I think they'd be a big hit - I think I shall give the pattern one more checkup before posting it, and that could be the perfect reason o do so. :D

I'd love to try to make one!

Oh I'd love to make these! :)

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