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Oh what FUN!! You've found some really brilliant patterns as usual! :o) And I'd LOVE to have a pet dragon! Pocket sized of course. ;o)

There's a plethorrha of possibilities that we can choose from, and hopefully many shal choose from. thje dragons are just so whimsical, you gotta love them, but all the rest are cute, too - it'ds hard to choose, actually.

Great theme! I love pets and picnic food! I haven't crocheted in a while, and this may just be the theme to get me back into it. Thanks for sharing all those photos and links!

I'm glad I could contriburte to your rebouncing. :D I know it's hard if you have hardly any time for it at all, but a cutie's pattern is all it takes to spur us into craft agian. :D Pick on, it's a great topic this month for that!

Ahhh the little owl is so cute!

IOh yes, they are so precious.
XD I'm so glad there's actually someone clicking all these links I've gathered. XD

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