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Oh, thank you for the wonderful gift idea! Such a splendid pattern, and how generous of you to share it with us! I hope it'll make many a monther happy - they're such charming little flowers.

Thank you legendancer. :o) Can you believe it?! I not only finally posted, but I even wrote up the pattern! ;o)
okay, now back to hibernating with my needles & yarn, and nursing my sick kitty boy.

What beautiful knitted flowers! I love how neat the leaves look. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Thank you, littleyuzu! :o) I'm so glad you like it! I've just finished another flower (and a pattern! woohoo!) a big pink daisy with a smiley face. Will post it as soon as I can.

I made two of these for Mothers day for neighbors of mine, They were a big hit as they loved them, as I loved working them up. Thank you dear friend for providing the pattern for all to enjoy! :O)

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I LOVED your flowers, chiwaluv! You picked such pretty colors! And did a much better job on the colorwork than I did. :o) I'm so happy that you enjoyed the pattern, and that your neighbors enjoyed the gifts! Hurray!

(see chiwaluv's african violets, and lots more cuties here: http://chiwaluv.blogspot.com/2012/05/here-are-some-beautiful-little-african.html)

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