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WLA Community Guidelines
theknittycat wrote in weloveamigurumi
Since it's been a while since I've posted a reminder, this is probably a good time to re post our....

WeLoveAmigurumi Community Guidelines:

Just a reminder about our policies...

1.  No profanity please (or questionable pics - if you're not sure, don't use it).  This is a G-rated group, since we do have children of all ages visiting (and as members), to see and be inspired by our amigurumi, and to get help in making them. 

2.  Don't be mean!  This is a friendly group, created to share our creations and to encourage, inspire and enlighten each other.  We do not need any negativity.  If you can't be patient and tolerant of others, you really don't need to comment.  You are welcome to post your thoughts of encouragement, assistance, and constructive criticism (if it's asked for), but unkindness will not be acceptable. 

3.  If you have an issue with another member's post or comment, you can message one of the maintainers.  Please do not air these things within the post.  Let's keep things positive!  :o)

If you will remember to be kind and considerate, you should be just fine.  Any errors can be corrected easily with the kind help of other members. 

We're here to have fun and create CUTEness!  :o)

Lots of further information about weloveamigurumi (wla), and our posting policies, is available in the
community profile.

Thanks for helping us to keep this a
safe and happy place to share our creations!  :o)


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