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February ami-along part 2 of 3... Geometrics part 1!
theknittycat wrote in weloveamigurumi

February ami-along part 2 of 3...

part 1!

As I mentioned in the February ami-along post, I came across so many free patterns that could slip into the "Geometrics" part of this month's ami-along theme, that I've had to split them up into two posts, and this is part 1 of Geometrics!  :o)

Amigurumi are typically made with simple 3D shapes, put together, so you can imagine that LOTS of them fit in with this theme. 

WARNING:  So many free patterns it may boggle your mind!!  heh heh
Lots of both knit and crochet versions.  (I'm sorry I don't have any more time to spend to separate them.)

Berroco Free Pattern | Celestine Crochet

Magnetic Katamari Pattern  Amys Babies

Lots of wonderful shapes! 

Berroco Free Pattern | Celestine

celestine variations
Ravelry: Dodecahedron Thingymabob pattern by Amy Thornton
Ravelry: Crocheted Dodecahedron pattern by Marleen Hartog

Amigurumi Balloons free crochet pattern by Suncatcher Craft Eyes

  Free Crochet Pattern 90505AD Bella Blocks : Lion Brand Yarn Company

crochet version
Free Caterpillar - Kimberly Chapman  crochet versions knit version

roman sock: Granny Square Tortoise Love
Hooked on Needles: Crocheted Pin Cushion Pattern - English version
Yellow, Pink and Sparkly: Patchwork Ball
Knitty: Winter 2006 - editor
WolfDreamer: Mario Brothers Mushrooms
Rebecca Danger
DangerCraftsMonsterChunksKnittingPattern.pdf (application/pdf Object)
dangercraftsbunnynuggetknittingpattern.pdf (application/pdf Object)
I Dream of Knitting: Doughnut

Safety Cone to the Rescue! | Create!

Herbst Handmade: Crochet Pattern - LOOP Baby Toy
- Roly Poly Cats Pattern
peachcake knits: Lemonlime
Free Crochet Pattern 80308AD Amigurumi Two Peas in a Pod : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Mary Jane, Midge & Mink: Olive Tutorial

The Gabu Crochet Amigurumi Creature Free Pattern
This Cosy Life Home radish & leaves
Free Knitting Pattern 80765AD Wise Owl Toy : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Free Crochet Pattern 80894AD Pablo Panda : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Do the Jellyfish Jam - BitterSweet

Free Crochet Pattern 90155AD Caterpillar Baby Toy : Lion Brand Yarn Company

WolfDreamer: Luma Plushie
Knitted eyeball juggling balls - Gigglinggoblins Weblog
Day by Day...I try to stay sane: Knit Cactus

Shh, I m counting!: Slime amigurumi
Caffeine, kids, and that order.: Simple Crochet Ball
Mochimochi Land - Free Pattern: Captain Capacitor
Free Crochet Pattern 80445AD Felted Doris the Duckling : Lion Brand Yarn Company

Caterpiller Pattern - Crochetville

The Roxycraft Blog: Free Pattern :: Amigurumi Easter Bunny - Bunny Boo
Bernat: Pattern Detail - Handicrafter Cotton - Monsters (crochet)

AmigurumiCat: Little fat cat Ballball

Free Crochet Pattern 80843AD Eggplant : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Rad Radish - BitterSweet
Free Crochet Pattern 70578 Amigurumi Dog : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Baby Eggplant - DIY Craft Project Instructions
Amigurumi - Not So Scary Monster - DIY Craft Project Instructions
Bob the Blood Drop
Free Crochet Pattern 90227AD Fabio Frog : Lion Brand Yarn Company

WolfDreamer: Oddish Plushie
Ravelry: My own planet Amigurumi pattern by Stacey Trock
Amigurumi Jellyfish | PlumCakePudding on Xanga
Ravelry: Little Empanada pattern by Deena White
JG: Yarnball Pattern
Two Peas in a Pod - BitterSweet

Tofu For You! - BitterSweet
peachcake knits: my favorite fruit, duh (NOW with pictures)
Evil Minions - gnat on the windshield
Yarn Songs - The Patterns: S(p)ock

Nuland News: First pattern (free)

Crochet Spot - Free Crochet Pattern: Egg - Crochet Patterns, Tutorials and News

The Blue Crab Stitches At Midnight: Little Bird s Holiday Amigurumi

Free Pattern -- Crochet Lemon Meringue Pie Slice - CROCHET
Free Crochet Pattern 80761AD Lollipop : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Birds of a feather: Christmas decorations DIY: christmas ball

Bronx Girl Knits! Wubzy

Ana Paula s Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness: Pablito the Penguin
Baby Grab Ball

Geometrics Part 2 will be coming soon!  :o)

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OH!!!! I love the first one *__*
So many patterns and so no time to try them.
Thank you very much ^__^

I so know how you feel!!! I want to make EVERYthing! Heh heh

You always find great patterns to share! I ♥ those kiddie blocks and crocheted balloons. Oh, and the tofu and pie slice (I do love crocheted food)!

Aren't they all so cute and/or clever!! I'm so glad you're enjoying them. :o)
There are animals and dolls in there too. Ones that kind of exemplified geometric shapes to me.

I have seen my company's amigurumi in this post, it is owesome. and welcome all of you to our website: there are more fun in it.

Hi Immamigurumi! Welcome to wla! :o) We loved seeing the beautiful amigurumi that the crafters in your company are making! :o)

it was actually the post indicated below that featured them:

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