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Ice Cream Conan
chickenkarma wrote in weloveamigurumi

I just need to get this into Conan's hands.... somehow.

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This post and your icon made me squee like a school girl.
I heart Conan's early-twentieth century gay tennis coach hair so much.

I'm happy it did, because It means I did something right! and you describe his hair perfectly! I love Conan's hair too ^___^

You could ski on Conan's hair. I wish he were a gay tennis coach from the 40's and we could have a sham marriage.

LOL!! it looks like Jesus... and im not religious so thats funny!! its SO cute im glad you posted it!

lol this is so endearing.

Lolll omg that is amazing.

OMG that is genius! I love it!! :D

LOL! before I saw the bottom of the picture, I thought it was a poop hair
you made my day :D

hahahaa i love this one!!

This is so fantastically weird! Nice job on the Coco cone! =D

This. Just made my day :o)

**sporfle** That's hysterical! Good luck on getting it to him! Try contacting his new channel, TBS.

That is way cool. I bet you you twitter Conan he seems to be active on the net nowadays. That or the legally prohibited from being funny on television tour he's on right now. Good luck!

This is amazing! And adorable! Good work.

LOL! That's wonderful! I saw the picture before I saw the title and thought "That looks like Conan." Great job ^_^

That. is. awesome. Heck yes.

That is SOOOOOOOO darn cute!

No. WAY!


I LOVE this - love!

I absolutely love this! It's so original and really, really cute. Not to mention super funny. :D
You have to tweet this photo to Conan (@ConanOBrien)! He's on Twitter all the time, and it's likely he'd see it if you posted it there. GOOD LUCK!

That is one of the funniest and cutest things I've ever SEEN! Adorable! :o)

O. M. G. This is too awesome for words!

Before I read everyone else's Twitter suggestions, I typed this:
Do you follow him on Twitter? You could @ him repeatedly that you have something cool to give him (w/ link) until he gets back to you. He has to see it eventually!
So yes, you have to try to tweet him!

This is so awesome!! Will you be making more? :3

My name is Matt from Team Coco. If you've got a second, upload a high res photo of the Ice Cream Conan to our new Flickr group at where we accept official arts & crafts submissions for use online, on-air, etc. In your Flickr account, make sure you list your website, and whatever you'd like to promote so we can properly credit your work.

Thanks so much! Once we see it pop up in Flickr, we'll give you a shout personally there.

Thanks for the comment Matt! I actually just submitted the photo a few days ago ^____^

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