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Easter Birds
Hello Knitty Kitty
littleyuzu wrote in weloveamigurumi
Happy Easter! I made these teeny birds for my nieces and nephew. They're from a free pattern for crocheted love birds on the Lion Brand site. They are 2" (5cm) tall.

Crocheted Easter birds

Crocheted Easter birds

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I hope your nieces & nephew enjoy them.

They did! At least I think they did. They got so many other toys for Easter, my birdies kind'a got lost in the Easter grass of their baskets. ;D

Wonderful! Do they have tailes?

They sort of have nubbins for tails that were made by increasing stitches for two rounds near the back of each bird. They're mostly oval-shaped, so the tails just barely stick out.

I made my boyfriend one of those for Valentine's Day. He declared that it looked like a kidney bean, so he named it Kid Ni Bean.

Hehe, that's cute! My eldest niece said her birdie looked like a jellybean. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! Whenever possible, I like to put my amis in cute picturesque settings.

Love them! Those are such pretty pictures you took as well.

Thank you. :) I'm glad you like 'em!

Oh, they are just so sweet and dear! The colors are so happy and pretty! :o) I agree that the photos are lovely! What a beautiful TREE!!


I love the vibrant colors too. Isn't the tree great? It's my dad's white peach tree. I had no idea peach trees had such pretty flowers. Definitely very spring-y!

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