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The HORROR (pattern)
zippadeedooda wrote in weloveamigurumi
Pattern for this guy.

Abbreviation key:
ch = chain
sc = Single Crochet
bl = Back Loop
fl = Front Loop
ss = Slip Stitch

I used this photo as reference.

This pattern is worked in complete rounds so you'll
need a marker.

Hook: G
Yarn: Worsted Weight
Other stuff: White sewing thread, black embroidery floss, polyfil, white felt, very thin sewing needle (so it won't split the edges of the felt).


1) Ch 11, starting in second ch from hook, 10 sc into bl only across, then 10 sc into fl of the starting chain (20sc)

2) sc in bl only in each sc across (20 sc)

3-12) Repeat row 2

Stuff with polyfil, not too full since when it's closed you want to be able to flatten it a little bit.

Using ss, join the inner loops of both sides together (make sure your ss are the same width as your sc so there's no bunching). (20ss) fasten off and weave in end. The beginning ch of the body counts as the 'top' of the body.

Arms (make 2)

ch 9, starting at the second ch from the hook, ss into 3 ch, *ch 4, starting at second ch from hook, ss into 3 ch, repeat from * once (fingers complete), ss into 5 free ch on the 'arm' portion, fasten off.

The arms will be curving in opposite directions, this is ok since you'll be sewing them into place over his head.

Left Leg

ch 10, starting in second ch from hook, ss into 4 ch, ch 2, ss into second ch from hook (foot complete), ss into 5 free ch on the 'leg' portion, fasten off, leave a 3" tail for attaching.

Right Leg

ch 7, ss into second ch from hook, ch 5, starting in second ch from hook, ss into 4 ch (foot complete), ss into 5 free ch on the 'leg' portion, fasten off, leave a 3" tail for attaching.


Cut the felt to fit the face of the wheatie, make sure to make the edges uneven in some way, trimming a fringe can be good for this. Using 2 strands of embroidery floss, embroider an appropriately terrified expression on one half of the felt piece. The face half of the felt counts as the 'top' of the felt. Make sure his eyes are long and narrow and his mouth is a little wide. Use the photo for reference.

Using the white sewing thread sew the felt to the body with the top of the body and the top of the felt pointing in the same direction. Don't draw your stitches too tight or they'll bunch and cause your fringe to stick up.

Attach arms at the side of the body in the 5th row up from the beginning ch with the right side facing. Using white sewing thread, attach the hands lightly (they don't have to be flat, just so they'll stay in place - only one or two stitches are needed) above the wheaties' face.

Attach the legs with the right sides facing (left leg on left, right leg on right) in the back of the body, on the first row. Go for the middle-ish of the body.

Weave in the yarn, and just draw the sewing thread ends under the crochet 'skin' of the little guy.

VOILA! You now have a terrified wheatie, you vicious creature. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much for all that win.

Oh, it's so professional and detailed. Great job on the excellent instruction and awesome pattern

Thank you. I just like to make sure things are clear. :)

(Deleted comment)
Oh, how wonderful that you've written it all up and are sharing it!! Do you have a pdf maker? (if you'd like, I can make a pdf for you, if you don't have a way to make them) It'd be great to put this on Ravelry! I'm sure folks would adore it there, too! :o)

Ah, I'll have to check my computer to see if I can make PDFs. I'll keep your offer in mind. :)

Thanks for sharing your pattern for this cool little guy! =)

How clever! I love that commercial and this is so awesome. I just love amigurumi, although I'm never sure if I spell it right! Do you have more for someone who is designer challenged? LOL Best wishes

I cant figure out how to make 10 sc into 20, am I supposed to turn the original chain over and crochet up the underside (like making an oval)? Thank you for sharing your adorable pattern!

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