Shannon Kay (speakingsoul) wrote in weloveamigurumi,

Amigurumi Faces

Last night I made all the pieces for my first plush/amigurumi animal and now I need to put it all together.

I've googled and searched around but I didn't see any really helpful information.

Most faces are at least partly embroidered it seems. I did learn to embroider "properly" as a child by making a burp cloth for my new cousin which I never finished(He's 16 now.) so in theory I know the basics, but there are some particulars I'm not sure about.

Do you embroider with embroidery floss or with yarn?

Do you use a yarn needle like the one you put the body parts together with, or an embroidery needle?

Do you put your needle through the holes in the crochet? between the stitches? just between the pieces of yarn? Or do you stick your needle through a piece of yarn?

These mysteries and any other tips would be much appreciated!
Tags: advice, embroidery, faces, question
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