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I usually use embroidery floss (3 strands, but sometimes I double back over the work if it needs it), but I have used yarn on some amis. I like to use a smaller needle than the one I sew the body parts together with because it suits the finer thread better and if I do need to go through a stitch I can do it more easily. I like to try to stick to the gaps between stitches but sometimes you need to go through a piece of yarn to make a more curved shape.

I find faces really fiddly and I don't enjoy doing them, but they're an unfortunate fact of ami-making life! At the moment I'm trying to do some whiskers on a kitten and I've redone them about 6 times and it's still not right, rahh.

Thanks so much for the response! I'm going to go through my grandma's sewing stuff and see if there's embroidery stuff still around.

Whiskers on a cat is what I need to do first, so I'll have to see how it goes.

It tends to vary depending on what you're trying to achieve as well as the size of the ami.

Yarn is the best for basic stitching. Embroidery cotton is better for those finer or more intricate details. There's also applique, which is grafting fabric patches, which can be adhered on or sewn on.

It is usually easier to embroider and use the natural gaps between stitches. However if that doesn't quite make it look how you had in mind, I would suggest embroidering on top of it. I'm not sure if I'm going to explain this well so bear with me. Instead of pushing the needle all the way through to the other side (or inside of the ami), instead let the needle travel through the yarn so it doesn't actually appear through the other side and make small backstitches. I do this mostly when I use embroidery thread.

I've made soooo many ami's at this point, and STILL I'm intimidated by the faces. They're just so important. But they always work out. :o)

Something that I've found very helpful is to use a sharp needle for embroidering faces (embroidery, or other needle with a sharp tip), instead of a blunt, tapestry, needle, like I use for stitching parts onto my ami's. If you need to go through the yarn at any point, it's much easier and cleaner to do it with a sharp needle.

Fuzzy Mitten has an excellent, easy nose and mouth tutorial:

and I have a tutorial on making very easy and versatile knotted yarn eyes:
(scroll to the bottom for the tutorials)

Just take heart that you will continue getting better and better at it, as you make more and more of the cuties! :o)

I wish I had found your knotted yarn eyes tutorial earlier! I will definitely give them a try on my next project though. Thank you.

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