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November Ami-Along No Pattern for You and/or Your Favorite Decade
theknittycat wrote in weloveamigurumi
November's ami-along theme is:
No Pattern for You and/or Your Favorite Decade

How can I suggest possible patterns for THOSE?!!  heh heh 

Your Favorite Decade

Okay, I found a couple of cool things that might suggest a decade, but I would really appreciate any suggestions that you brilliant folks would care to share in the comments, 'cause I'm stumped!  I KNOW!  Really!  ;o)

Here's a totally gorgeous Hippie Girl (and there's even a pattern!!  Though not a freebie.)


patterns located at

Also from K and J Dolls:

Here's a very cool flapper!   (no pattern, alas, but you could be inspired by this photo to make your OWN flapper!)

No pattern for this guy, by Zoria,  but isn't he CUTE?!



A couple of very cute retro-looking dolls:

Such a cutie - looks like a baby doll from the 30's (?)

free pattern at suncatcher eyes 

Isn't she Gorgeous!

Some of these dolls don't have patterns, but you can find a doll pattern that you like, and be creative with the costuming and accessories.  :o)  

There are some very cool patterns for a "Free Spirit" doll and Edwardian and Victorian costume patterns on this blog: 

Our own dear Snuffykin has a 50's Rose (from Dr. Who) doll with a FREE PATTERN!  :o)  


No Pattern for You

Well, obviously I won't be posting pattern links for "No Pattern for You", but I will refer you to these really helpful sites and posts (lots of links below) about making shapes,so you can create your very own amigurumi design!

Here's a start:

I design all my own ami's (mostly because I don't like to follow patterns) and the way I begin each one is to either look at lots of photos or drawings of the item (animal, character, person, etc.) that I'd like to make, and get a good image in my mind of what I'd like to create.  I get lots and lots of inspiration from all of the wonderful artists in this group, too!  Or, if there aren't photos or drawings available (and sometimes, even if there are), I will do a very simple sketch.  Then I look at the images and separate the figure into basic shapes... balls, tubes, cylinders, pyramids, egg shapes, etc., whatever the parts remind me of.  Then I start making those shapes, and like magic, a new ami is born!  As many of you know, I knit most of my ami's, and I'm obsessed with making no-sew, or minimum sewing, projects, so my approach isn't necessarily going to be the same as yours, but the design principle is the same!  :o)

So my suggestion to anyone wanting to design their own amigurumi for the first time, is to learn how to make the basic shapes, in whatever method you choose (knit or crochet, it's the same principle), analyze what shapes make up the ami that you want to create, and then just go for it!!  You have nothing to lose!  It's only yarn!  :o)

Experiment!  and have lots of FUN!  You'll love what you create!  And so will WE!  :o)

Links to step by step video tutorials of how to make amigurumi:


Here are some Video tutorials for shapes...

a Ball shape (heads, bodies, stubby legs):
   lots of other tutes on this site ^

Tubes (arms, legs, tails, skinny, or elongated bodies):

Egg Shape:

Cubes/rectangles (bodies, heads, limbs, anything you'd like rectangular shaped):


A tutorial on thread jointing:

Roxycraft's video tutorials:

Planet June's tute on joining the pieces together:
all of Planet June's tutorials:

Making fuzzy brushed amigurumi:

Magic ring video tutorial:

Owlishly's tutorial:
Mygurumi's post:
needlenoodles tutorial:
WLA posts tagged with "hair":

Embroider a smile:

Fuzzy Mitten's excellent, easy nose and mouth tutorial:

More from Mygurumi...
increasing and decreasing:
adding new yarn:
neat bind off:

Adding needle-felted details:

  ETA: Oops!  Forgot to put in my OWN tutorials!  :o)
theknittycat's tutes:
knotted yarn eyes
loopy legs technique (adding limbs without sewing them on) 

knitted amigurumi shaping:

(More on knitted amigurumi in a later post.)

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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wow, thanks for all the suggestions... now i have to go look at them...

i'm TWITCHING, those are so cute!

Thanks for the suggestions!!!

A "few" links??? Holy crimoly, theknittycat! You provided a ton of stuff to look at. You rock! But we all knew that already. :D

I am totally in love with the little hippy doll and the flapper. My 4 yr old daughter was a flapper for Halloween. But we had to tell her what a flapper was - she just liked the dress and feather headband! :D

I have to go look at what other wonders you have provided here in the links.

Thanks, crafty_shanna! You're very sweet! :o)

I was kind of excited, myself, at all of the cool tutorials that were popping up in my search! :o) Had no idea there were so MANY! Such lovely creative people that have made them for us!! Kind of nice to have them in one place.

Oh, you have to make a flapper replica of your wee one!! :o) Wouldn't that be an adorable memento?!

I love the hippie one! I think I need to make that ASAP.

Me too, oosweetpeaoo! She's my fave! Please share with us when you make her! :o)

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