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wow, thanks for all the suggestions... now i have to go look at them...

i'm TWITCHING, those are so cute!

Thanks for the suggestions!!!

A "few" links??? Holy crimoly, theknittycat! You provided a ton of stuff to look at. You rock! But we all knew that already. :D

I am totally in love with the little hippy doll and the flapper. My 4 yr old daughter was a flapper for Halloween. But we had to tell her what a flapper was - she just liked the dress and feather headband! :D

I have to go look at what other wonders you have provided here in the links.

Thanks, crafty_shanna! You're very sweet! :o)

I was kind of excited, myself, at all of the cool tutorials that were popping up in my search! :o) Had no idea there were so MANY! Such lovely creative people that have made them for us!! Kind of nice to have them in one place.

Oh, you have to make a flapper replica of your wee one!! :o) Wouldn't that be an adorable memento?!

I love the hippie one! I think I need to make that ASAP.

Me too, oosweetpeaoo! She's my fave! Please share with us when you make her! :o)

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