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Searching for Gir
gitana_errante wrote in weloveamigurumi
Hey, coulda sworn I saw it here, and now can't find it...
I am looking for the incredibly talented person that made Gir from Invader Zim. But not just any Gir, but a Gir inside his dog suit, with the suit head thrown back. I am making a Gir of my own, chock full of features, for my husband's and my 1st anniversary present, and I would really love to look at the picture again. I think I am going to make mine as the robot with a separate dog suit, but still....
Hopefully the somebody who made this is comfortable with me looking at it for ideas! If anyone knows where that picture ran off too, could they tell me pretty please! Thanks so much!

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Hurm, either here or on craftgrrl, but doing a search for Gir this is all I found, too bad its knitted, but I know what you're talking about, someone did post a beautiful crocheted version somewhere! I'll see if I come up with anything else for ya =)

Crocheted Gir in the Doggy suit...

Knit Robot Gir...

Awesome, but no pattern, although the author said she would post one, maybe she needs a nudge, or will e-mail it to you if you ask nicely?;all

Felt in suit...

Something else that is perfect, but nooo no tutorial that I see?

Craftster had a ton of results for the search term "gir" =)

You might be thinking about the post I made back in February, where I posted a link to my GIR pattern (it's a .pdf file).

I made both robot GIR and dog GIR as two separtate toys. I did not make the dog suit to fit over robot GIR. The proportions of GIR as dog vs. GIR as robot are very different in the pictures I could find, and I couldn't figure out how you would ever get them to fit outside of cartoon land where anything is possible. If you figure it out, I would LOVE to see the results.

I hope my pattern helps.

(Deleted comment)
sorry, I know nothing about knitting. I would suggest working in whichever method you are most comfortable with.

Thanx for re-posting pattern

I would also like to say thanx for re-posting your pattern... I've just spent 3 hours surfing the net for any kind of crochet pattern for this robot.... woooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!! You've made my day a 'HUGE THANK YOU' from the UK!!!!!!!

Wow, none of these are the one I remember, but they are all fantastic. Thanks so much! Just shows you how google can fail you at the worst of times. And just Fyi, I pretty much free-form now, as to not step on toes of other artists out there, but I love love LOVE to look, because a picture can suggest new methods and additions that I would have never thought of. So!
I guess I will wing him and see what turns out. I have so many ideas! The suit is the hardest. I will be making it separate, and I don't know that much about making my own patterns for sewing yet. However, I just can't wait.
I have plans to make him a piggy too, and taquitos and pizza slices, and a little plush tv to watch with that creepy creepy monkey show on it.....
Off to work!

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